meeA ball of thunder plus a wave of energy with splashes of fun is a great way to describe this up and coming 21 year old international P.R. agent. She seizes the “cannot” of the music industry, connects it to the “possible” molding hot new artist and ultra fabulous producers with no obstacles and limitless possibilities generating a new music genre… Atlanta artist, with a side of Indie… served Tokyo style! The Atlanta native is usually known around town for her originality but explore with us as she takes her creativity to new heights on the streets of Tokyo, grabbing life by the stilettos, and capturing the music world by storm.

Introducing Ms. Jayda B:

Clutch: How long have you been working in the music industry?
Ms. Jayda B: I’m still a newbie at this. I can officially say it has been one whole year since I started. I would say I REALLY started when I got hired as a marketing/promo intern at a company called Patchwerk. The internship was simple but I really used it to my advantage and kind of made it my own.

Clutch: What is your favorite part about working in the business?
Ms Jayda B: I think seeing the talent would have to be my favorite part as well as the hard working artist and producers that really make the industry run. There are a lot of “BS-ers” too for a lack of a better term but I really love going to the shows and watching the talented people who are serious about their gifts performing. So yeah, the shows are my favorite part. I love going to Lenny’s Bar in Atlanta, and just hanging out listening to the different music artist who really love what they do and feel what they perform.

Clutch: How did you come up with the idea of introducing Atlanta artist to the Tokyo music culture?
Ms Jayda B: Well, I got into the Japanese music scene a few years ago, and then after working with Patchwerk and experiencing the local music scene in Atlanta, I just saw way too many opportunities. It just made sense [to me] and it felt natural so… I went for it!

Clutch: Can you tell us at least one of your favorite experiences about working with the two different music cultures Atlanta and Tokyo?
Ms Jayda B: There were a lot of people back home who became very interested in the music scene and what I am doing in Tokyo. A lot of the people who work on local music scene have not seen me in a while and really did not have a clear picture of what I am doing in Tokyo but, for some reason, they trust me! I think that’s hard thing to learn sometimes in this industry, trust (especially when one is dealing with peoples careers. I have built strong relationships within the past year back home! That’s always a good feeling and great experience.

Clutch: Who are your favorite music artist and /or producer that you have worked with so far in this new genre of music?
Ms Jayda B: Of course it has to be people from back home in Atlanta! I’ve seen so many really good acts and some really horrible ones too! Call me biased but, “Hollyweerd” is my favorite local bands back home hands down. They have this whole ‘Weirdo’ movement going on and I appreciate them because they are always themselves. Their music is really cool and their good people! I’ve been to so many of their shows, it’s probably a shame! Nonetheless, I support the movement. Some of the past interns at Patchwerk are a few of my favorites as well. One in particular who produces and another who is a DJ. They are both really dope! Music since 86’and Dj Saint Nick as well; look them up! I have so many favorites back home that I probably should stop here. Now I feel like I am leaving people out! I support everyone in Atlanta who is doing well in the music industry so I think I am covered!

Clutch: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Ms Jayda B: I see myself with my own music marketing/management company in LA.

Clutch: What motto or creed do you live by?
Ms Jayda B: I don’t know I have a lot of sayings I guess… “Life is only as hard as you make it”… I think really would be number one

Clutch: What would you tell other women who are interested in getting into the marketing side of the music business?
Ms Jayda B: Probably start as an intern. I see that it can defiantly go a long way as long as you “Werk”it (a saying we used to say at Patchwerk). There’s so many people to meet, so many talented people who are not just artists but who can probably help you along the way and who have experience. Networking is the number one key. Try to become a “people person” and if you’re not, at least fake it! Don’t be afraid to approach people first. Have tough skin and don’t take things personal in this industry. Remember there is a lot of good, but also a lot of bad as well!

There you have it Clutchettes! No matter where you come from or where you begin never let it hinder you from achieving the goals in life you want to achieve! There are people out there every day chasing their dreams…Why can’t you?

If you want to find out more inspiration about Ms. Jayda B you can follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/jayda_b or her blog site www.randomnessloves.blogspot.com.

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