73266624Girl Leave Her Man Alone is a book written by Dionne Mahaffey. It centers around women who sleep with another woman’s men and the reasons why. It also has a intent focus on women working together and building on a sisterhood where principles and morals would not allow a woman to feel comfortable enough to sleep with another woman’s man. It would be almost like breaking a code or law created and maintained by women. Hmm, I like it but is this possible? Although the idea seems noble the execution of it may seem futile to most. Extra marital affairs have been going on since the beginning of time. However, I applaud Mahaffey for speaking this theory of a woman’s evolution, so to speak into existence.

I also commend Mahaffey for her moral obligations because they seem to be very closely linked to mine. I would and have never knowingly messed around with another woman’s man. In my case the reasons were a combination of morality and egoism. I always felt like I was too fly to have to play second to any woman or to have to share. Why do that when I could have my own? I always felt like I was worth that and above having half a man. However, other women do not live by that code. Although I do see this as a two to tango situation, I like Mahaffey, have to also put a level of moral responsibility on the woman. Before you go with the “Girl! You trying to blame the woman like most women do” allow me to break it down for you. As a woman, you should know that some men are dogs and will cheat if given the opportunity. If only there were more women who did not offer themselves up to these men who they knew were involved. If the man has no one who will take him up on his fresh serving of sausage then what can he do but go home to his wife with his tail between his legs. Can you imagine the impact it would make if no woman agreed to give up the honey pot to an involved man? Men all around the world would be forced to stay home and spend their free time with their wives/girls/families. Aww, that’s too bad (laughing victoriously).

For example, what if instead of Alicia Keys agreeing to dating married Producer Swizz Beatz she obliged by the rules of sisterhood and said “Oh no buddy, no can do. I will not help you cheat on your wife. If you are unhappy with your wife and want to leave her then that is your personal choice but you need to make that clear to her and completely end things with her first. In fact, I refuse to date or see you in any kind of way until you handle whatever needs to be done with her in either direction. Sorry buddy. Take care of your home.” Leaving Mashonda no room to feel slighted by Alicia Keys or possibly her husband. This route would force them to have to ultimately do right. This is why I commend Mahaffey for this book. Although it does not take the responsibility away from the man it does remind the women of how much control they truly have. A fact that I think we often forget. I can recall an older man once telling me that women have no idea how much power we possess over a man. We just offer our power up to them on a platter to keep them around for fear that whatever we do not oblige to, another woman will. Here is the key, what if there was not another woman that would because we were all on the same page? This is the teaching that Mahaffey offers.

Some may see this post as unavailing because they believe that there will never come a day when women around the world can come together and agree that they see assisting a man in cheating on his wife, breaking up his home, and perhaps ruining another person’s life as morally degrading to them and therefore something that they simply will not do. They will in turn leave comments like “girl please!” and insist that I am trying to place blame on the women, therefore missing the whole point of my entry and blah blah blah. Sigh. I know this and I am sure Mahaffey does too. There is always wishful thinking.

Peep Mahaffey discussing her book here:

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