Picture 1264From the moment I read this palettes name I knew I would love it. There is something just really sensual and alluring about the name “Night Dust”. It brings to mind dreamy nighttime sequences, dramatic scenes played under the moonlight, stars streaking across the sky. And it happens to be the perfect name the dreamy Dior 5 Colour Palette #790 ($56, sephora.com). It is a seductive palette of five rich, versatile eyeshadow colors that entice anyone fortunate to come across them.

The shades that include black with silver glitter, lavender sheen, white shimmer, warm brown sheen and iridescent silver, allow you to create a multitude of makeup looks. From a laid-back dreamer look to a sensual night look create what fits your mood. Smooth and easy to apply each of the 5 shadows offers incomparable staying power and a silky-fine finish.

So if you have been dreaming of ways to make your eyes more beautiful then try this luxurious palette. With 5 dazzling shades you will have many ways to highlight and define your eyes. This palette is a real dream come true.

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