• I respect his opinion but what do people expect Obama to do? He is not perfect and everything cannot be solved in a year. Everyone keeps criticizing without offering any solutions. Did this open “letter/video” do anything to help? NO, so in my opinion what was the point!

  • Nia Whaley

    …Imma need Cornel “I got me a white wife” West to go sit his behind down in a corner somewhere. Everyone is trying to make a name off of Obama in the name of getting all eyes on them…

    It’s been a year. A year.

    And folks are treating Obama like he should come up with the cure for CANCER, AIDS, EARTHQUAKES, and TSUNAMI’S.

    I pray for President Obama and his family. He had to know that the rough patches would be coming…cause folks are coming out the wordwork and calling out his name.

    • S Dot

      So flippin true!

    • swissmiss261

      I heard that!!

  • So the man had to go to the BBC to get the video?

    Everything is about poor and working people, but it is really not. We need to know who is driving the agenda Obama has been running on.

    Look it looks like the thing the Clintons could not do they wanted Obama to do them, but really there was little concern for connstitutional rights.

    Plus you cannot be too radical when you are bailing out banks and motor companies , people have stopped calculating whet the budget deficit is.

    Plus the same people who are saying obama sign Copenhage, bail out banks, confiscate banks.

    Turn around and proclaim the death of America and the rise of china without any regards to Human rights.

    Obama had wrong priorities to start with, now America has worken up and is asking who is advising Obama?

  • I for one wonder when are we going to stop listening to these bloviators like Mr. West and finally have the courage to change our own lives? Sure many of you may look at him as “the celebrity” Black intellectual, but I don’t want to hear or see any more opportune political posturing that will not solve this nations dilemma of record unemployment without offering solutions other than the same old rhetoric. We’ve got to move beyond the rhetoric and start taking action.

    Mr. Obama is not the Messiah that so many people have thought him to be and he can’t change a History of capitalism and a class structure that has been a way of life since this countries inception. It’s ridiculous to even think that he can change the massive problems that this country is facing now.

    Massive unemployment will always be among us and where was he when Bush was in office, Black people were still the highest of the unemployed? If you many of you haven’t figured it out by now that most of our employers don’t give a damn about us and our livelihoods when the bottom line is to make profits by any means necessary.

    If we didn’t fall for the belief of the so called “American Dream” of amassing material goods by any means necessary even if it left many of us with enormous debt, China wouldn’t have as many millionaires as it does today thanks to our insatiable desire for what we’ve been conditioned to believe is the “good life.”

    Again, real “CHANGE” starts and ends with US and we often don’t want to address the truth, so we continue to run from it in hopes that other’s will solve all of our problems.If Mr. West and his ilk want to be noticed, then they’ve got to be more positive and offer some real solutions because we’ve got enough chronic complainers already!

    • Nia Whaley

      I know that’s the truth…

    • swissmiss261

      Agreed 100%.

    • Facebook User

      Totally agree with Vonmiwi! Americans will need to educate themselves in order to secure competitive jobs. Obama is doing his best but real change needs to start with US. Cornel isn’t providing solutions.. he could have remained silent for all I care.