Couples Couture


57531476Are two people ever uniquely made for each other like a custom made tailored dress?

How perfect would relationships be if we could customize it to fit our exact values, wants, needs and dreams? Imagine if you could “shop” for a guy, pick out the one you liked best and send him off to the tailor so he can return custom made to fit you and only you perfectly. Having your exact measurements, he is now capable of exceeding your standards and expectations all while looking good doing so. Perfect right? Well if we were walking down runways instead of aisles our love lives would be top models. But since relationships are not woven in fashion houses, Couple Couture may have to be designed by us.

Our homes may have to become our favorite fashion houses for our relationships. In order to get the “perfect fit” we all endlessly search for, we must become our own designers. And just like any good designer we must be willing to study the craft, keep up with trends, be willing to change and be versatile, and demand exclusive rights to our finished products. But more importantly we must be willing to put in the time and have the patience to do so. Quality work results in a quality product, and the time and effort we spend learning our mates, learning to compromise and communicate we will ultimately produce a piece of art. In being relationship couturiers our attention to detail will play a major part in the success of our designs. As we build our blueprint we must listen and watch for clues that will give us insight into our mates. The majority of our relationship faux pas are due to our lack of attention. We often see and hear what we want to instead of what is shown to us.

Once we master the art of detail, we can then begin to design the union that fits our personalities and needs. In the beginning of any relationship, our first draft will include all the great things about each other and of all the things we want. This drawing will only reflect the newness of one another and the possibilities that can occur. After this outline is drawn and the freshness starts to die down, we must prepare to make revisions to fit the new size of the relationship. This stage of the design process is where we usually get into trouble. We seem to ignore the fact that our perfect sketch’s need to be erased or revised a few times before the perfect finished product is ever produced. As the relationship develops and we being too learn more about a person we must be willing to shift gears to fit into its new mold. The process of revising our fantasies and ideas is often the reason why many of us are arrested by the fashion police. Our unwillingness to follow the fashion rules is the reason why our relationships become subpar.

So fashionistas, relationships may never be as perfect as your favorite couture but you can design a union that is perfect for you if you are willing to put in the custom made work.

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  • whit

    NIce article. Beautiful writing.

  • dimples

    Although I think the comparison is a nice one in writing, and lends to a good article, I will say there is nothing perfect. I will say that the best part is about how people miss what is shown to them as opposed to seeing what they want to see. Kinda fits with my whole “time will show you the truth” motto. Good read though.

  • @ Whit – Thanks!

    @ Dimples – So true – nothing is ever perfect, but if can create our own “perfect” relationship if we are willing to work at.

  • Very witty, yes! It would be nice …
    Here’s some thoughts to inspire and motivate couples: “A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage” (Boston Globe #1 pick) — come visit @ http://www.ashortguidetoahappymariage.com
    Good luck everyone!