dailyphoto1001012010 Web predictions in Black Media
I can’t believe we are going into 2010 already. It seems like just yesterday when we were making predictions for 2008 and 2009. This past year has been really exciting and there have been clear changes in how business on the web is being done. As we try to keep up with what’s going on in the space here are some things to look out for in 2010: Real-time gets Real. Real time data came in with a bang in 2009 and will will continue to go strong in 2010. You will start to see this type of information displayed in more places. There are always interesting things going on in the web space in general and real time will be the belle of the ball in the coming year. Expect to see (and seize opportunity) where real time data has context. In 2010 there will be less randomness and more real time data that actually makes sense to what you are doing, what you are looking for, and where you are at (location). Opportunity: Think of ways to exploit real-time data that already exists via API’s contextually…and build it. (Continue Reading…)

P. Diddy, aka Sean John Combs, announced he’s married on twitter, then quickly backpedals
P. Diddy seems to have gotten so caught up in the new year’s revelry that he accidentally announced he got married. “Juat [sic] married!” he tweeted at about 3:30 am this morning on twitter. Two hours later the musician, whose real name is Sean John Combs, had enough of the nuptial tweeting and announced: “No I didn’t get married !!!!! Pls stop asking!!!” However, rumours have been circulating in Hollywood that Diddy and on-off again girlfriend Kimberly Porter did actually wed on New Year’s Eve. (Continue Reading…)

The importance of education in the African American community
The saying is cliché but it is undeniably true: knowledge is power. This holds true especially in our modern capitalistic society of the United States. In order to get a decent job that pays well, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. African Americans have certain fields that we have excelled in such as music, entertainment, and sports but the common African American will not be a professional basketball player or the next great movie star. These African Americans must have another plan in order to reach their goals, which must be accompanied by education. Through time, African Americans have gained so much through the access to education, but the road to get here as a people has been a long one. African Americans have come from literally the very depths of American society to become one of the most respected groups in American history. (Continue Reading…)

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