Garrett: Obama has brought ‘change’
The White House rejected criticism Sunday that President Obama has not delivered on his promise of “change” during his first year in office. White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said the president has brought about “enormous change.” “I think what we’ve seen is a dramatic difference in terms of how the United States is perceived around the world,” Jarrett told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” on the final Sunday before the president’s State of the Union address. Obama’s travels have established relationships with world leaders that “lay a foundation for keeping America safe and making us a partner around the world,” she added. (Continue Reading…)

“Amazing Bodies”….Says Who?
his past Sunday I missed Monique snagging her much deserved Golden Globe for best supporting actress . The following morning, however, I caught the highlights of the ceremony including the customary critiques of what actress wore what and how she wore it. Normally I turn the channel, but this time I just went with it. Seconds into it I remembered why I typically reach for the remote. First, this whole male testosterone thing I got going on never fails to interrupt my interest. Second, unless it’s the portion of the program when they discuss best cleavage of the night or what form fitting dress Beyonce managed to slink herself into, I could really care less. (Continue Reading…)

Imari Obadele, Father of Reparations, dies in Georgia
Imari Obadele, 79, the former leader of the Republic of New Africa separatist group, died of a stroke Monday in Atlanta. Known as the “Father of Reparations,” Dr. Obadele was a staunch supporter of Malcolm X and eventually became president of the Republic of New Africa, which sought to establish its own nation in the South. He was president when, in 1971, city police and FBI agents battled RNA members who were inside a fortified home in Jackson, Miss. One police officer was killed and two others were wounded in the shoot-out. Dr. Obadele spent more than five years in prison for conspiracy but was not charged with murder. A native of South Philadelphia, Dr. Obadele grew up with 10 siblings as Richard Henry. He was an honors graduate of Central High School. (Continue Reading…)

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