dailyphoto100104Statue of ancient Black Pharaoh found
Archaeologists have discovered a monumental statue of an ancient black Egyptian pharaoh of the Nubian 25th Dynasty in Dangeil, Sudan, about 350 kilometres northeast of the capital, Khartoum. The granite statue of the warrior pharaoh Taharqa weighs one ton, according to its discoverer, Dr Caroline Rocheleau of the North Carolina Museum of Art, who added it was: More than life-size and weighs over one ton. The statues of two other Nubian pharaohs were also discovered. Rocheleau’s blog is quoted on the DNA website describing the statues as having: Great muscular bodies with an inscribed back pillar… and lovely feet on the statue base, but we are missing their heads and their lower legs. (Continue Reading…)

Black activists launch rare attack on Cuba about racism
Reporting from Atlanta – President Obama has loosened travel restrictions to Cuba. His critics accuse him of harboring socialist sentiments. And he is, of course, a member of the African American intelligentsia — a group that has tended, for the last half-century, to have a soft spot for the Cuban revolution. It sounds like the perfect atmosphere for the love affair between black American liberals and the regime of the Castros to fully flourish. Except that it’s not. A group of 60 African American artists and thinkers have launched a rare — and some say unprecedented — attack on Cuba’s human rights record, with a particular focus on the treatment of black political dissidents. (Continue Reading…)

Philadelphia’s first Black DA set to take office
Philadelphia’s first black district attorney will take the oath of office on Monday. Seth Williams will also be the city’s first new DA in nearly 20 years. He will be inaugurated in a ceremony at the Kimmel Center at 10 a.m. Monday. He succeeds longtime incumbent Lynne Abraham, who did not seek another term. She has served in the post since 1991. (Continue Reading…)

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