dailyphoto100106Reed is sworn in as Atlanta’s mayor
“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of standing before you today as the 59th Mayor of the great City of Atlanta. This is truly the single most important moment of my life, and the gratitude I feel toward all of you who made it possible, is beyond measure. I will forever remember, and have my efforts informed and inspired by the knowledge, that I would not be where I am today, were it not for . . . the citizens of Atlanta. No man or woman is an island . . . and no one rises to leadership without being lifted to such heights by those around him. Such is the moral of my story. Along the path to this podium, I have seen the faces, heard the hopes, felt the disappointments, and found myself deeply moved by the dreams of the people in our communities. (Continue Reading…)

No longer majority Black, Harlem is in transition
For nearly a century, Harlem has been synonymous with black urban America. Given its magnetic and growing appeal to younger black professionals and its historic residential enclaves and cultural institutions, the neighborhood’s reputation as the capital of black America seems unlikely to change soon. But the neighborhood is in the midst of a profound and accelerating shift. In greater Harlem, which runs river to river, and from East 96th Street and West 106th Street to West 155th Street, blacks are no longer a majority of the population — a shift that actually occurred a decade ago, but was largely overlooked. (Continue Reading…)

Peta rebuked for putting Michelle Obama on anti-fur poster
The publicity-savvy US animals rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has received a rebuke from the White House after using Michelle Obama’s image in an anti-fur advertisement without her permission. The first lady is pictured, along with the TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, the model Tyra Banks and the country and western singer Carrie Underwood, on a Peta poster at Washington DC underground stations, under the slogan “Fur-free and fabulous!” (Continue Reading…)

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