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  • MiamiGirl920

    the song aight, didn’t really care 4 it much

  • Camilla

    I’m sorry LilKunta, but I treat myself with the upmost respect and love myself very dearly and I like this song. I am an artist so the imagery in this video is great in my opinion, and actually a sigh of relief from all the ass shaking and money tossing in most rap videos. It’s about personal preference. With all due respect, if you don’t like his music, don’t pay him any attention when he releases a new song or video.

  • Man Im disappointed in this, I know he wanted to go the rock n roll route so I was looking foward to something different but this is the same old tired studio beats and autotunes mess. It’s like he didnt even try with this one. Im going to give him the benifit of the doubt and say this was a throw away track that he put out to see if anyone would bite.

  • Thinkpink

    I love this song.