When I first saw the video (which I will not post) of In The House actress Maia Campbell cracked out it broke my heart. All I could do was pray that someone would get this girl some help and quick! Well it looks like our prayers have been answered.

“Former child star turned vixen turned You Tube trainwreck, Maia Campbell has teamed up with Reality TV producer Jaysen “Av Action” Accius to start filming the pilot for a reality series that follows her journey as she attempts to pick up the pieces of a once beautiful life while dealing with her addictions and Bi Polar disorder. Maia and the producers of the show are hoping that this show will aid in giving a voice to the thousands of people diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder every year and the families, friends and communities that struggle to support them.”

In this case I do not care that Maia is getting exploited for a reality show if it means that she will be receiving help in getting off crack. Crack is the devil. It is an evil drug that takes people’s souls. Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, I have seen this reality first hand. Not to mention crack has affected members of my family. The s**t is no joke. As I mentioned earlier, there was a video of Maia that was circulating on the internet months ago showing her cracked out and idiots thought it was hilarious to see the once beautiful actress willing to do anything for a piece of crack. I do mean anything. Sometimes I forget how cruel people can be at the expense of others. I want Maia whole again. Bottom line. I would prefer her recovery to not be viewed on a reality series but if she meets the goal of being drug free again from it, then I will accept this route. I’m going to pray that the main premise of the show will indeed be her recovery. Hopefully this will help her in turning her life around as she also suffers from Bi-Polar disorder.


Clutchettes and Gents – how do you feel about Maia getting a show?

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  • Aaliyah

    Thank you for not posting it, I have seen it and it was horriable…the only problem with people with such disorders tend to lie and do what they know what is expected of them it is really hard to help them so please let us join are faiths and pray for her. Thank you

  • Heather

    I think this show is already working if their plans was to get people talking about mental illness in the black community. The conversation is long overdue.

  • coraline

    I agree with Heather. If the goal is to not only get the much needed help Maia but to give those of us unware of this illness a better understanding of how it affects them and the families and communities around them then I say go for it! Not all reality based shows are exploitive. Some have good intentions even though they inadvertantly exploit the people they film. Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab show is one example one could argue is exploitive yet some of those getting help on the show might not have otherwise. Intervention is another example of a reality show the is meant to be helpful to not only the people being filmed but the viewer as well- educating them on identifying a problem and getting help.

    I see success for her via the show. It will be very difficult for those involved having to manage a Bi Polar person so I imagine the intent is not necessarily to make money… would it be worth the stress if it were not to get her help?