Clutch: Name. Age. Location. Occupation.
Abyan Lokman. 22. Everywhere. Commercial Analyst.

Clutch: How do you typically create your daily looks? What do you start with first?
Abyan: I envisioned the look the night before (it’s usually for work but I rarely hold back). I start with a concept first.

Clutch: Describe your personal style in one sentence.
Abyan: Urban chic — heavily influenced by runway-couture.

Clutch: If you could splurge on any designer item, what would it be?
Abyan: Louboutin shoes or Balmain buckle boots.

Clutch: What trends are you looking forward to trying out for S/S 2010?
Abyan: Underwear as outerwear. Edgy cuts. Hot pantaloons as walked in the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs shows. Jumpsuits by Lanvin or Stella McCartney. Creative knots, pleats, and folds as seen in Burberry Prorsum. Statement jewelry.

Clutch: If you could invade any fashion icon’s closet for a day who would you pick and why?
Abyan: Lady Gaga’s! I reckon it would be an entire studio! She’s got the Haus of Gaga creating her looks and pieces; I can just imagine breathing in the inspiration. If anything else I’m guaranteed a closet like no other.

Clutch: If we were to take a look in your Clutch, what would we find?
Abyan: Dior wallet, cell phone, iPod Touch, lip gloss, thought-stimulating book, and office swipe card.

For more information on Abyan Lokman please visit www.distrikmode.com.

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