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Turmoil, anguish, devastation, despair, death, suffering, injustice, isolation – These words only attempt to paint a picture of modern day Haiti, prior to the 7.0 earthquake that has claimed untold lives since it struck last Tuesday (January 12). The current mayhem brought on since the massive seismism is akin to a final blow, of sorts, breaking down what remained of the Haiti’s corrupted, weak infrastructure – and once again, it is the citizens who are left to endure the full brunt of misery.

In the days following the destructive quake, many efforts have been underway to provide much needed assistance to devastated Haitians. Rescue relief efforts continue around the clock, even resulting in survivor recovery nearly a week after the initial quake. Sadly, it only amounts to a small scratch on the surface at this critical moment in time.

With families torn apart, and the dead, and dying strewn about the streets of the Port-Au-Prince region, images of pure anguish as experienced by the earthquake victims is enough to tug on the toughest of heart-strings. Add to this current tragedy, their previous state of misfortune brought on by a troubled government, and their level of despair becomes unfathomable.

But there is hope.

Hope in the form of bravery amongst fellow Haitians, and the benevolence of citizens of the greater international community – the generosity that we can provide. Each and every one of us can make a difference in the lives of our Haitian brothers and sisters, whether it’s donating clothes and goods or texting/Twittering from the comfort of your very own living room. Want to know how you can best serve the people of Haiti? Dig this list of agencies/organizations that can help get you, your money, and best intentions on their way to improving the lives of the endangered and devastated:

Contact your local churches, civic and community centers to learn about programs geared towards relief efforts in your area.

Haiti Earthquake Alliance, a partnership of between Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti organization and the following (asterisked):

You can also show your support via your airline of choice.

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