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Who: Novelist Katie Crouch

What: Crouch’s debut novel Girls in Trucks. This book begins slowly, I’ll admit. There are painstaking paragraphs about manners and heritage and propriety and prissiness amid high-society debutantes in Charleston that are head-scratching at first. But soon, a high-spirited and engaging story that follows reluctant deb Sarah from teenage Cotillion training to 30-something singledom in New York.

Why: It’s a familiar coming of age story made that much more recognizable when the heroine makes her home in New York. But Crouch is no Sylvia Plath (not in a bad way) and her women characters aren’t impossibly strong or ridiculously independent or too-fabulous to “need” a man. Sarah and her fellow Camellias (a centuries old group of women who sit atop the social ladders of Charleston) are girls that follow the rules that traditionally dictate women in civilized society, even when they don’t mean to.

Sarah is endearing, if not frustrating, on so many levels because of the passiveness, indecision and swarm of bad decisions that make the character jump off the page.

3.5 stars

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