is098q2s0Clutch is bringing you the scoop on the hottest trends in beauty for 2010 and the trends that should be left in your memory. Lets face the sad fact that in order to make room for new trends we have to say goodbye to some old ones. I mean there is only so much room in the beauty world for trends. So as painful as it is you are going to have to say goodbye to some of your favorites from the past.

But remember the most important trend for any season is to find products that make you feel confident. Whether a look or product is in or out if it makes you feel confident rock it. Confidence is a trend that will never go out of style.

What’s Out for 2010:

Vibrant Nail Polish
Hair that has been overly dyed Blonde (Looking at you Amber Rose and Rihanna)
Eye Lash Extensions
Trying to Hard
80’s Bright Eyeshadow
Acrylic Nails
Celebrity Fragrances
Breast Implants
Expensive salon waxing
Long Extensions
Copying Celebrities Hairstyles

What’s in for 2010:

Lots of Mascara
Blushing Colored Nails
Shimmery Skin
Bouncy hair
NeuLash & Latisse to grow your own lashes
Sheer Pastel Eyeshadows
Long Loose Waves
At Home Waxing (of course with the right tools)
Never Forgetting Sunscreen
Simple Fragrances
Goth Inspired Makeup
Natural/ Eco-Friendly Makeup and Skincare will Continue to Grow
Self Confidence
Hi-Tech Beauty Products

What do you think Clutch readers? What do you think went out and should stay out in 2009? What do you think 2010 will bring? Post what you think is in and what is out.

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