It may seem a bit premature to start thinking about a spring wardrobe in January, but in our minds it’s never too early to discuss what’s coming up on the fashion horizon. Many of the designer collections revealed during Spring 2010 fashion week were certifiably covet worthy, but a few emerging trends had us wondering if our style savvy readers would be ready to rock ’em come spring.

Lingerie Looks: After so many seasons filled with hard edged sensibility, fashion is showing its softer side again. What lies beneath comes to the light as femme fatale bustiers , camisoles, flouncy shorts, and chemises in a pastel palette become the sartorial focus for spring. Replacing traditional t-shirts, blouses, and dresses (if only for a season), the ‘unmentionables’ are ready for their close up.

Will you be flaunting your inner P.Y.T or keeping it in the closet?

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Dare to Bare: Hand in hand with the lingerie looks are sheer and peak- a- boo opening details. Not a trend for the faint of heart, strategic cut outs and sheer panels are designed in just the right places to leave as much or as little to the imagination as you can brave. Even jewelry gets in on the game as look-at-me Lucite baubles and other transparent trinkets accentuate the theme.

You tell us, is the less is more style sheer madness or genius?

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Denim vs. Denim: If there’s one item that gets top billing this spring it’s denim. From Ralph Lauren to Jean Paul Gaultier, designers have chopped and screwed, patched, bleached out, gilded, and streamlined the body of a beloved wardrobe staple. Vintage blues hues (sans the crazy washes and destruction) and head to toe denim dressing are the newest interpretations. Remember your favorite overalls from back in the day? Oh, yeah they’re making a comeback.

So, we want to know what you think, fashion don’t or fashion do?

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Mixed prints: We were all giddy about the explosion of floral, ethnic, animal, and digital motifs that popped up under the tents. Otherworldly digital prints that lend a futuristic vibe to otherwise standard pieces were the stand out. The new news in this category is wearing a mélange of the aforementioned prints all in one tightly edited ensemble.

The bold trend definitely makes a statement, but does it say fashion forward or fashion fail?

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Spring Leather: Not usually thought of as an ideal fabric for wear when the weather turns warm, leather is turning over a new leaf for spring in lighter weights and fluid cuts. Recreating itself in everything from shorts to drapey tanks, could leather actually be on its way to becoming a year round staple?

If runway offerings by Phillip Lim are any indication then the answer could be yes, but who’s throwing in their bag?

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Funky Footwear: Designers continue to dazzle us with shoe designs that border on being categorized as architectural wonders. The most notable being the whimsical creations introduced during Alexander McQueen’s showing. Sure, they’re nice to fantasize about, but is it humanly possible to strut in them without suffering? Add clogs, chunky clear platforms, and sky high wedges to the list of feats for the fearless to attempt this spring. We can’t wait to see how Steve Madden manages to spin the McQueen’s into a knock off.

If he does (and we know he, or someone, will find a way) would you rock it?

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