African Americans tend to be one of the most under-represented groups in the U.S. census. Largely due to high rates of homelessness and some degree of complacency, too many of us are hesitant to realize that we must be counted when our nation takes a count of its citizens.

This can’t be the case in 2010, as we must find our voices loud and clear on the government’s latest census effort. The census plays an incredibly important role in determining how funds are allocated throughout the nation. Communities with the greatest population get the most money to fund their endeavors. The Census is also critical in American politics, since district population matters when Congressional representation is determined.

The census count also represents an opportunity to obtain jobs, since the Census Bureau brings billions in funding for census workers. The black community should be a part of this process, and we should be collecting our share of the dough. My father and grandmother both worked for the Census Bureau when I was a child, so I have seen the financial impact first hand.

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