5 Things you should know about Sade
Don’t call it a comeback. The mysterious Sade has been here for years – 26 years to be exact. The now 51-year-old frontwoman of the band named after her has returned to the studio after a decade of musical silence. The resultant effort, “Soldier of Love,” will be in stores on Feb. 9, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Sade is an anomaly in the music business. She and the band have managed to sustain a career in an industry known for non-stop promotion and strictly planned release schedules by making music when and how they want to. Since 1984 when “Diamond Life” was released, Sade has released just eight studio albums (and one remix album). Yet somehow, they have earned the devoted admiration of millions of fans who are looking forward not just to the new album, but to the tour that is sure to follow. (Continue Reading…)

TeaParty.org portrays President Obama as a pimp
TeaParty.org, a Houston-based group founded by Dale Robertson, has decided to further play the race card by sending out an e-mail portraying President Barack Obama wearing a pimp hat, with a mustache painted on his face. The hat has zebra stripes and even includes a feather. The subject line of the e-mail states, “Obama Pimpin Obama-care, one last time!” Robertson’s group was taken to task recently for a sign that the founder held up at a rally that used the word “niggars” in reference to tax payers under the regime of the Obama administration. When you have outlandish protesters like Robertson, it’s difficult to believe that the tea party protests against the president aren’t at least a little bit racist. I am sure that every legitimate protester, who at least thinks that race has nothing to do with his or her disdain for Obama, is disgusted by the actions of Robertson. To that effect, many other tea partiers are partying as far away from Robertson as they possibly can. (Continue Reading…)

Stars gather for ‘We Are the World’ recording
Dozens of recording stars converged on a Hollywood studio on Monday evening to add their voices to a song they hope will raise millions of dollars for Haitian earthquake relief. The lyrics and music are an updated version of “We Are the World,” a song that raised at least $30 millions for African humanitarian programs 25 years ago. Music legends — including crooner Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand — stood with newcomers — including 15-year-old Justin Bieber and country artist Zac Brown — in the crowded studio Monday night. (Continue Reading…)

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