Fear. Fear is a motherf****. It can prevent you from following your hopes and dreams; it can keep you stagnant in your life. It can harness your very soul and bring about bitterness and lack of zest for living. The shit can keep you up at night. I am a woman who wants great things for my life and my family. I FEAR that those things may never come to be. I am going to share some of the things that I fear. In doing this I am releasing them to the universe to be discarded. I no longer want to have the burden of holding on to these things because I have somehow found security in them. It is as if, if I continue to have these fears then I never need to give my 100 percent effort to anything. If I hold on to these fears then I never have to worry about being disappointed in life, if for some reason I do not meet my goals. If I allow fear to stop me from progressing or living my life then I never have to worry about being embarrassed or judged by others if I fail. I am allowing myself to let the burden of fear go. I will start with a few things that I fear and I hope that you do the same. I urge you to speak your fears and then break those chains.

1. I sometimes fear that I will never be able to loose weight. I love to eat. I fear that I do not have the discipline to stay persistent.

2. I fear that I will never be able to financially assist my family whom I feel deserves it the most. That being my Mother, Father Grandfather and handicap sister.

3. I fear that I may not be strong enough physically for the act of childbirth. I see it on TV and have heard other women’s experiences and truthfully, it is seems equally beautiful as it does dreadful. It seems like the closest thing to death. I’m not completely convinced if I can handle it. I’m not that great with pain.

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