Okay, real talk. I’m hairless on my gams and thank God every day for it. For with all the other grooming areas to be concerned with, hairy legs are a beauty issue I’m blessed not to be worried about. So I feel for women who have to shave every day. Really, I do. But when photos of Mo’Nique at the Golden Globes appeared where she gladly showed off her hot steppas-topped off with a French pedicure– full of hair, I gasped and did a double take! Is that hair fuzz I see in those photos? Yes, indeed. Why would she groom her face, her underarms, and her toes and not just shave those legs for such a special moment. It reminded me of Julia Roberts hairy reveal a few years ago. Julia, while walking the red carpet, raised her arm to wave at fans and at least three inches of underarm hair waved back. She said Benjamin Bratt, her boyfriend at the time, liked it.

Back then, saving the New York Post and Joan Rivers, there were limited opportunities for post-hair reveal commentary. For Mo’Nique, however, it was a different story. You Tube has seen over 30,000 views from folks who made video responses discussing her hairy legs, and comedian Jimmy Kimmel included it in his monologue, joking that she she was promoting a Chia Pet.

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  • Nikki

    There are a ton of women who don’t shave, like the majority of women on the planet…

    i refuse to shave my legs in the winter, its pointless. I do shave my under arms once a week and my legs in the summer if i’m wearing shorts or going to the beach.

    • Nita

      Same here @ Nikki LOL! My bubby actually hates when I shave my legs in the summer. He likes it. Now those arms I shave Every week.

  • Dia

    whyy she lifted her dress is beyond me, but i dont shave in the winter but i also dont turn into Chewbacca either, no one notices my hair unless i bring it to their attention

    • JA

      She lifted her dress because it was raining and she didn’t want the train of her dress to get wet. Check out photos of other celebs that night, many are doing the same thing.

      @Honey, Co-sign!

  • ayomide

    That video was funny as he**. I hate shaving also, so I totally understand. I do not shave in the winter unless my husband fusses. I wish society was more open to hairy legs, lol

  • Ok, to those who are saying that Mo’Nique is being made fun of, if she had a beard or facial hair under her chin and a moustache, would you see it the same way as those hairy legs?

  • Jack O’James

    We should not encourage people to follow strange conformist ideas such as ones that females who are hairy are somehow bad, unclean, unfeminine, whatever. The hairless myth has been around for too long already. If a woman is naturally smooth or naturally hirsute, it doesn’t matter.