What do you do when you can’t find the right accessories to embody your style? You create your own line.

Shayla Jamerson, Tasha Dial and Tiffany Stapleton created Headbanger Accessories in 2008 for that very reason: They knew what they wanted to wear, but just couldn’t find it in stores. So the trio experimented with designing accessories and it quickly turned into a movement with an eager following.

Headbanger Accessories speak for themselves, so whether you’re keen on understated beauty or like to flirt with your ostentatious side, Headbanger Accessories is accommodating and highly affordable.

Visit Head Banger at www.headbangeraccessories.com.

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  • whit

    these are FLY!!!

  • Lish

    I am getting more and more into handmade jewelry…I have to support my black & female artisans…I am in love with this brand.

  • Facebook User

    i am personally an accessories fanatic! just imagine…can’t find the right outfit to wear and all you have is a clean white tee and a pair of ok jeans. all you have to do is put on a pair of STATEMENT earrings and you are dressed! love it

  • sweet holy grail!!!!!!! gorgeous is an understatement

  • I am loving this Article I also have a Handmade Handbag Line called “Tote Bag Girl” Positive Words with Black Cartoon Characters. We are SOME CREATIVE BEAUTIFUL LADIES and When we Come together GREAT THINGS Happen!! I am very happy to see this!!! LOVE IT Ladies!!
    Thank Clutch Mag Keep the Great Articles Coming!!!