“I believe that finding good relationships means first giving good love to ourselves. And I believe that when we give good love to ourselves, we will not settle for less than a righteous and fulfilling relationship. As you give love out, it’s received and reciprocated–and it grows. We must decide whether we are willing to have the courage to do a battle for a new future, and in so doing, realize that the battle is to tame our own hearts and to allow ourselves to be loved.”– Hill Harper, The Conversation

Ten Steps To Build A Healthy Relationship:

1. Let Go of Fear

2. Make him Feel He Can Trust You With His Dreams

3. Put Down the Magnifying Glass and Look In the Mirror

4. Lose Your Heart, But Keep Your Head

5. Be Completely Yourself

6. Be Sincere when it Comes to Apologies and Explanations

7. Share a Vision of Money Goals

8. Leave Your Baggage at The Door

9. Choose to be Accountable. Choose to be Responsible

10. Honor Your Word

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