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  • wtf????

  • visually breathtaking. artistic. a bit enigmatic, but typical of Kanye. This guy is really bringing art back to the music video by taking chances with new concepts and these amazing directors.

  • maria

    very dark. I did like it though, very artistic.

  • Kalyn

    I’m assuming that wasn’t the official video for the song (which came out a year & a half ago) the video was kind of boring and to be quite honest could have come to a point quicker than that. I think the very beginning, a shot of the middle, and the very end were scenes I’d keep. The rest was… well again. This had to be someone’s project piece. Interesting for a first watch but I wouldn’t recommend anyone see it.

    • Kalyn

      Mind you I really like this song though!

  • i’m really feelin this video! wow!