After the deluge of articles focusing on why black women can’t date, get married or find decent men in the dating pool, is it nice to be able to watch four black women presented as being single and attractive.

That’s probably the main reason I keep tuning into VH1’s Let’s Talk About Pep, Sandy “Pepa” Denton’s latest foray into the world of reality television. Let’s Talk About Pep focuses on the dating lives of Pepa and three of her friends: Joumana Kidd, Jacque Reid, and Kali “Kittie” Troy. Joumana Kidd, a sports journalist and former model, is newly divorced from NBA star Jason Kidd, amid allegations of domestic abuse. Jacque Reid, a newscaster most famous for anchoring BET Nightly News, joins the cast as a woman ready for both a relationship and a child – but not necessarily in that order. And Kittie Troy – formerly the voice of Cita, the animated host of a music video countdown – brings a reckless sexuality to the cast.

The four women frequently meet in a restaurant to recap their adventures (and misadventures) in the world of dating. LTAP has only been on for four episodes, yet the women have already discussed sex, dating younger men, foot fetishists, purely sexual relationships, phone sex, internet lovers, speed dating, approaching men, meet and greets and everything in between. Jacque Reid is the quintessential reporter, often appearing to interrogate many of her dates – as well as asking pointed questions about sperm count and personal goals within the first few minutes of meeting. And Kittie’s risque escapades feature activities like using a stripper pole and having her toes sucked in a limousine.

The show is also remarkable for it’s challenge of common stereotypes. In some ways, it is liberating to see a group of black women in their 30s and 40s still seen as desirable partners for a variety of men. While Pep nervously mentions that she hasn’t been on the dating market in a long time (and she’s been celibate for the last four years), she and her friends still entertain a broad cross section of men hoping to make a love connection. Pep and her friends break stereotypes in other ways as well – as if in direct opposition to the stereotype that black women are “too picky” to acknowledge good men, Pep, Kittie, and Jacque place their romantic affections on whoever catches their fancy. In Kittie’s case, this included a shirtless man who answered to “Animal,” riding on the back of a trash truck in the wee hours of the evening.

The subject of interracial dating was also breached with Pep’s love interest named Tom. An Asian-American chef, Tom was one of the few men in the series to seriously leave a lasting impression on the shy Pep, and provide a few scenes of true heat and chemistry. By using a blindfold, strategically placed chocolate, and a sexy assumed confidence in the kitchen, Pep joked about her “Asian Persuasion” but it was clear there was all kind of heat in that kitchen.

The show is intended to be fun and fluffy, but one weak spot in the show is the glaring absence of Pep’s children. She has two children (a son, Tyran, and a daughter, Egypt) who appeared on a few times on The Salt-N-Pepa Show but have yet to make any sort of appearance – or be referred to at all – on Let’s Talk About Pep. Joumana Kidd also has three children with her ex-husband, but they are also missing in action. Dating as a single mother is a situation many women find themselves in over the course of their lives, and it would be interesting for the women on Let’s Talk About Pep to confront that issue head on.

However, for what it is, Let’s Talk About Pep is a fun, dishy show that isn’t quite a substitute for Girlfriends, but still entertaining enough to host viewing parties. It’s exactly as Pep sings in the opening to the show: Hot chicks in New York City/Single and high siddity.

And considering all the horrible PR single black women have been receiving lately, it’s nice to have a break.

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  • Stephanie from Maryland

    The show IS ENTERTAINING…at the end of the day they want VIEWERS and THAT is the measure of its SUCCESS.
    One of the things I LOVE SEEING is how they ALL GET ALONG. Realistically everyone has a disagreement even with a best friend…or family member.

    GLAD to see a VARIETY of personalities and thought processes on the same issue (men).
    I am GLAD they are NOT ALL loud mouthed, hootchie, ghetto, and sleeping around with anyone who is willing. THAT would be right up there with the usual media portrayals of black women.

    But I DO have some reservations about ALL OF THEM not having REAL LOVE…
    NOT ONE OF THEM! Hmmm….Why can’t at least on of them scrape up half a man?

    Nah…the show is far more interesting with each of them every week SCOUTING for men…LOOKING high and low…WHY? Cause THAT is what black women do…right? Hopefully ONE OF THEM out of the group will find SOMEONE…and then the journey would be well worth it. (smiling)

    Introducing their BABIES to the mix would make the show far more REAL…but it is reality tv… Oh! NEVER MIND. With or without the chillren the show is FUN to watch. There is time for them to be acknowledged and to find a proper place in the show.

    I will continue to WATCH…and HOPE.

  • iradoh


  • Natakue

    I started watching this show after I read about it on Clutch. I wasn’t sure I’d like it but I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did. It’s my new guilty pleasure! This show has me cracking up every week. I have more in common with Jacque in terms of personality and being a little more conservative, but I am enjoying all the ladies’ stories! It’s definitely entertaining.

    In a recent episode, Pep spoke to her daughter about going on an overnight trip. They’re not trying to hide the fact that they have children. I believe that they’re trying to be responsible and have the children involved only when it’s serious enough to warrant it.

    Ok, now I’m going to go finish watching this episode I dvr’d =)

  • I love this show being a celebate 45 year old woman myself, I can relate to PEP. Sometimes a woman need to self reflect, especially if you were in a realtionship where you gave your all and it still didn’t work out.
    Consiously you know you just can’t sleep with everyone you date. I mean you can, but should you? It’s not for me personally. I have never wanted a host of lovers before finding the one for me and it’s too easy to mistake desire and sexual impulses for love and fidelity. However when you’re celebate, it becomes easier to seperate the two.
    This show also shows what works for one woman as far as relationships and dating is concern does not work for others and there are no two women alike. Funny how alot of the guys look familiar though…*lol*

    All in all I think, contrary to what society beleives, not everyone wants to be married either. Some of us have been there and done that and the older a woman becomes the more independence and being in control of all aspects of our lives is an important part of our mentality. I suppose it has to do with feeling your mortality as you age.

    I dissagree about bringing the children more into the equasion. I think shooting a reality tv show is too much of a disruption in their day to day. It shows responsible parenting on the part of these ladies to limit their children in participating and in the real world in allowing every man you meet or date to interact with your most precious possessions. Also, I think if a grown person signs up to have cams following them 24/7 it shouldn’t be imposed upon their children who are going through growing pains and everything else without cameras forever documenting it.