Clutch: How long have you been interested in fashion?
Ev`Yan: When I first started to dress myself, that’s when I became involved in fashion (& my mother can attest to that).

Clutch: In five words, describe to us your personal style/look.
Ev`Yan: Minimalistic, comfortable, effortless and slightly androgynous.

Clutch: What are your absolute favorite pieces (clothing/accessories) to wear?
Ev`Yan: My combat boots, because they make me feel like a bad-ass.

Clutch: Who or what do you look to when you need fashion inspiration?
Ev`Yan: Music (Radiohead, Little Dragon, Air, Amon Tobin), hel-looks.com, stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se and past looks I’ve featured on my blog.

Clutch: What are you currently coveting? What’s on your fashion wish list?
Ev`Yan: Long, droopy sweaters, faded, frayed denim shorts, a-symmetrical dresses, flimsy tank tops and t-shirts, lacy underthings and all of these being within the black, white and grey color scheme.

Clutch: If we were to take a look in your clutch, what would we find?
Ev`Yan: You would find Ray-Ban sunglasses, spearmint chapstick, a camera, old receipts and my iPod.

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