I honestly don’t know how many cold winter days I can take before I lose my mind. I am so over the cold biting wind, the bundling up but still never being warm enough, the shivering in my car until the heater kicks in. I want it to be warm and I want it to be warm right now.

But like so many things I want, this probably will not happen so my best bet is to try to deal with the cold as best I can. Which for me means taking at least one bubble bath a day. On really cold days that might mean two bubble baths. There is something about being freezing cold and stepping into a hot, bubbly, aromatic tub that makes anything seem doable. And if I can’t have a bath then a super hot shower will do, but only if I have a luxurious body wash like Bath & Body Works Lemongrass Cardamom Wash & Foam Bath ($13, bathanbodyworks.com). This sudsy body wash works to cleanse the skin as it releases tension and calms the body. Using ingredients like uplifting Lemongrass and comforting Cardamom the body wash helps create an experience in the shower or bath where you can be completely at ease and calm.

Stress Relief Body Wash also contains Green Tea Extract to promote younger, healthier looking skin. Perfect for a warm sudsy bath or a calming shower, this wash will have you ready to face another winter day. You may not like the weather but at least you will have a clear head to deal with it.

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