All news isn’t bad news in this economy for the young and contemporary. People are looking for new ways to save all the time, and the newest way for you could actually be right over your head. You’re apartment, despite what many have said, is a potential money saver. Like homeowners struggling to stay in their homes, landlords and rental property owners are struggling to keep their current tenants, and attract new ones, especially as more and more people move back home with mom and dad due to being downsized, or from just wanting and needing to save money. But whether you’re currently renting your own place and  looking to save on the biggest expense you have, or you’ve decided not to move back in with the parents, stay on the L train to rest of your life and search for the perfect space even if times are tough, you’re going to go ahead and give life on your own a go, and find new and innovative ways to save starting with the biggest expense you’ve got.

A few tips you can use to help you possibly negotiate a lower rent than what’s asked for where you live now, or before moving into your new place. Profiting off the ill luck of others? Nah. This is business-the business of your financial life, and clutchette-to-cluchette, we’ve got to play rough because the economy isn’t backing down. So get your chicest trench, flyest fedora, tall high-heeled boots and lets show Sherlock Holmes how we do it. Time to investigate!

Under the Magnifying Glass
To win the battle on getting the rent on your lovely loft apartment lowered, you’re going to have to do some detective work and put all the properties in your area under the magnifying glass! See what move-in specials are available for new tenants. You might finds some will give you your first month’s rent free for signing a new lease, or there could be refer-a-friend rewards program that pays in more ways than just one. Look for features that your current apartment does not offer. Like washer/dryer hook-up, a car port, a deck or private patio space-which is the next best thing to having your own backyard. This is great bargaining info!

Hot on the case!
Now if they are developing new apartment complexes in your area, this is good news! You might have to dig a little deeper, like finding out who the developer or building contractor is and calling her to get the skinny on what these new and fabulous places will be like. Savvy new features like bike trails, modern design, an exercise room, ooh!…a sauna, a place to hop on the Internet, which would save you money from having to pay for your own Internet service.  And you’ll likely be able to make copies as well as faxes. Also, if  it looks like this wonderful place we’ve just imagined is going to be in close proximity to shopping and night life, getting your rent lowered is going to be painless. You want to gather as much information as possible to present your case. In this economy, landlords would rather keep you on discount then lose you entirely. Especially when they know it could take months or longer to fill the vacancy. That’s money they’re losing, and that wouldn’t be good right now.  Speaking of construction, if you do happen to be living near a construction area, you could temporarily get a few dollars knocked off your rent due to the noise. I mean, one of the reasons you moved in was because you loved the scenery and peace, right?

Crime Fighter
If the crime has recently become an issue since you moved-in, the crime rate might help you get more for what you already pay. Talking to your landlord about installing more night and motion lights and even a surveillance camera system, if they don’t already have one, may be the way to go. Employing a roving guard at night may also be something you want to talk to your landlord about. Safety, more important than money, is first and foremost.

You’re Innocent
If you can’t be found guilty of being late on your rent one time, throwing loud parties, failing inspections and you have had no complaints or citations against you, then by all means, get yours for being the good girl next door! You’ve made your landlord’s job easier by following the rules within your lease. Good tenants are appreciated and hard to come by, so trust they’ll want to keep you, and shouldn’t mind accommodating you.

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