Rihanna “Rude Boy”


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  • thinkpink

    hmmm somehow this became about beyonce again……

  • dski

    Okay….I feel like this is that dance hall queen from the ninties Patra revisted! Anyone remember her out there? Well, it’s not like at this stage of the game in the music industry anyone is going to invent the wheel or something, so just take it for what it is. I didn’t know she could move like that, it doesn’t seem like she really is enjoying it either! I also agree that “Ri Ri” does more with that short cut, than most of this chicks do with lace fronts and that is the truth!! Could she do better….no doubt! However; this will get heavy rotation on the radio, ring tones and etc.

  • Aura

    I agree with some that say she may have some help putting her dance moves together. She really looks like she kinda has two left feet. And I’m not trying to throw salt on her or something. I’m from the Caribbean so I know. But she did adequate and better when she was walking and dancing on the floor. I’m happy that she brought an eighties/early nineties reggae vibe to the whole thing. And to say she copped stuff from other vids..maybe…but she does bring some originality in the scenery and such. The gold see through ripped bodysuit was completely unnecessary. Gal, do us all a fava and not be acting so much like a tramp. Carib women, yes we are sexy but hopefully she can bring some more class to the game. Really..have they not heard of being sultry instead of trashy?

  • Krysti

    You girls need to stop hating. When Beyonce does it…..everybody is ooooooooooooohhhh how sexy and its nice and trying to be like Beyonce then when Rihanna does it everybody starts hating. The video was awesome.

    The sad part is that way back when she came every body was pawning da replay then when the whole Chris Brown incident occured it seemed like females started hating harder and blaming her (at least the females with low self esteem). Rihanna is a grown as woman there are people out there who do alot worse and they are cool. Stop hating on Rihanna and take some tips from her maybe some of you over weight woman could be encouraged to loose some weight……hahaha