There is more to the average Clutchette than MAC lipstick, trendy pumps, and a pretty face. We lead fast-paced lives in which every minute is priceless, and the value of technology is only as high as its ability to accommodate. Consumers collectively praise products like the Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry Smartphone for synchronizing our lives and meeting the demands of our ever-changing tastes, trends, and needs. As technology fads ebb and flow into the hands of consumers, few staple products stand the test of time. Competent, efficient tools are necessary, and in this era of technology-centered consumerism, we can’t afford to be lost in the digital divide. Here are a few accessories for your favorite tech toys and trends that will save you time or space, increase the productivity of your gadget, and fit well aesthetically into your fabulous lifestyle.

Can’t live without your: iPod & iPhone / BlackBerry
You need a: Powermat Charging Station
The Powermat takes all of the fuss out of charging your digital devices at home and on the go. Its cord-free, magnetic and sleek. Your Smartphone, iPod, Kodak camera and portable game player can all perch on this groovy little mat and charge simultaneously, optimizing your space and saving your toes from tripping over countless cords.

Can’t live without your: Digital Camera
You need a: Digital Picture Frame or a Digital Keychain
See all your favorite pictures loop in slideshow fashion on your desk or nightstand. These neat digital picture frames pack many features that vary from model to model. Some of the better versions ($100 range) include high-resolution LCD screens and up to 2GB of internal memory to fit all of your favorite flicks. All include USB interfaces for drag-and-drop computer compatibility. Looking for something smaller? Take your images on the go with ultra-compact digital keychains.

Can’t live without your: Laptop
You need a: Cute USB
Things to do with your new Cute USB: Portable Apps
Between school, work and home, you may find yourself needing important documents in the spur of the moment. Save your e-mail storage space and opt for a cute USB for all your filing needs. Loop it on your keychain or laptop sleeve for portable freedom and you will always be prepared. Want to know a cool trick your cute little pal can do? Try using portable applications. Pack your Internet browser, word processing application, address book, and favorite games on your thumb drive to maximize flexibility when you’re away from your computer. The best thing about portable apps is that your information won’t erase after ejecting the USB.

Can’t live without your: Twitter
You need: Twitter Tools (TweetBeep, Mr. Twitter, TweetDeck, TwitLonger)
The online microblogging sensation known as Twitter has caught most of us by its beak. Now, the exchange of information is ever-present and instantaneous. However, if you’re still using the web client, you might not be getting the best out of your Twitter experience. Twitter Tools like TweetDeck and UberTwitter categorize and micromanage the endless tweets, replies, Direct Messages, mentions, trends, timelines, and lists you have. The result is an attractive and organized platform for your Twitter accounts. There are endless applications and tools that can fit your Twitter needs. For example, TwitLonger is a favorite for tweets that require more than 140 characters.

Can’t live without your: Memorable Moments
You need: the Designable FlipCam
Lugging a camcorder used to be an arduous task, but with the funky, micro-sized Flip cams, you can record all your memorable moments with only two fingers. The new designable Mino HD cams come in an array of designs and styles that are completely customizable. You can even design your very own Mino with a picture of your choice. These tiny camcorders can record up to 2hrs of footage, and easily plug into your computer for no-fuss file transfer.

Can’t live without: Networking
You need: a business card scanner
For the professional Clutchette, networking is essential in making and maintaining business relationships. Investing in a business card scanner is an easy and effective way to manage new contacts. Once scanned, you have the option of converting your contact cards into a database, or storing it in your computer.

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