Premier Nail Treatments, the Truth About Minx & the Next Best Thing! We’ve Got the Skinny on Spring-Summer Trends from Tricialee Riley, Beauty Expert and Owner of the POLISH BAR BROOKLYN!

Face it, nails are important. These days you can walk into a nail salon and find loads of brands and polishes to choose from. Nail brands like OPI and Essie are releasing seasonal collections like designer ready-to-wear. Nails are a major feature on contemporary runways and celebutantes are the messengers that help propel the trends we see. Real women however, with a conscious for style and expense are interested in three things: long-lasting options, glam-on-the-go and what’s next.

Spring is around the corner and your nails are the wild card that can take any look to new heights. Whether it’s a simple mani or an exotic Minx display, nails are a critical extension of a fashion head’s personal style. For our Spring-Summer 2010 Nail Trend Report, we get the scoop from beauty insider Tricialee Riley. In the industry since the age of 19, Tricialee is a certified beauty junkie and the owner of New York’s lacquered nirvana, The Polish Bar Brooklyn.

MAKE THE INVESTMENT: The Best Base + Top Coats

“Make the investment in brands that specialize in treatment not color

“Women wonder why they’re nails are chipping within two days. The key to long-lasting manicures is your base and top coats.” Tricialee discourages the use of a cheap base and top coat brands. She urges us to make the investment in nail brands that specialize in treatment, not color. “My personal favorite is a product by treatment company, Nails Alive called, Gooey ($11.50). It’s super thin and has an adhesive base that sticks to the polish.”

Top coats are equally as important. There are many to choose from, but Tricialee happens to live for a local nail brand that manufacturers their products in the heart of Brooklyn. Duri’s Rejuvcote Nail Growth System ($12) is an all-in-one treatment great for a top or a base coat with contents that grow the nail.” Tricialee also loves Zoya’s Armor ($7) and Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Top Coat ($9.99). To extend the life of your mani, grab these brands at your local drug store and don’t leave home without them. If your go-to nail salon doesn’t carry them, bring it with you and urge them to use it!

GET CREMED: Spring-Summer ‘It Colors’

When we asked Tricialee about choice colors for Spring-Summer she became giddy with girly excitement! “Spring-Summer colors are all about pastels and softer hues. Those harsh neon looks are yesterday.” Tricialee spotlights a nail line that we deemed the “Ultimate Sleep-On Nail Brand.” China Glaze is a brand that everybody overlooks but has been innovating colors for years. China Glaze’s “Something Sweet” could easily be the muse for the “it colors” of Spring 2010. Tricialee shares, “When China Glaze does a color, most major nail companies won’t catch on until seasons later.”  Essie’s new “Art of Spring” collection presents a charming palate of what to expect this season. OPI gets mod introducing an array of unexpected hues in primary colors like, “Jade is the New Black” for their “Hong Kong” collection. Tricialee does promise that brighter nail colors in fuchsias and corals will remain a mainstay.

Here’s a preview of our fave Spring-Summer Colors:

China Glaze “Something Sweet”
Essie “Lilacism”
OPI “Suzi Says Feng Shui”
Ginger + Liz “Boy Toy”
Zoya “Lana”
CND “Plumville”

THE POLITICS OF MINX: When to Wear + Making it Last

“Minx is a luxury service, it’s not for everybody”

We experienced the Minx craze last spring. Beyonce dazzled us with her gilded nails in performances and on red carpets. Dispersed throughout the entertainment and beauty industries, the trend was quickly adopted by other starlets like Rihanna, Solange and Lady Gaga. The Polish Bar Brooklyn (PBB) was one of the first nail salons in the country to offer the Minx service. Tricialee’s manicurists were especially trained by Minx specialists and tested various techniques to make this $55 manicure last. With a life expectancy of the expensive Minx merely lasting a hopeful week, women across the country are asking themselves is it worth it. Clarifying the misconceptions, Tricialee says, “Here’s the thing, Minx is a luxury service, it’s not for everybody.”

Tricialee reveals the infamous service was tested on Beyonce. “Your average woman is scrambling through files in the office and washing dishes at home. How many dishes do you think Beyonce is washing?” So there it is ladies! If you think the $55 mani should stretch for your buck– your dead wrong.

It’s all about the application and Tricialee says there is hope. “When we first received the product, I sent one of my specialists home and told her, ‘figure out how to make it last.'” PBB offers four Minx tips:

1. Apply a clear top coat on the edge.
2. Buff nails to line with the product.
3. Use UV gel to seal the top of the product.
4. Think luxury and get the manicure for your special events only.


High-end designers from YSL to Chanel are cashing in on the nail explosion with polishes retailing for as much as $18. We asked Tricialee about the hype and if it’s worth spending an extra dime on a designer polish. “There is no real difference between a Chanel polish and an Essie polish.” Tricialee explains these major designer brands recognize the branding and trending perks of releasing seasonal colors. These colors however were already released by brands like China Glaze and Ginger and Liz before Chanel or YSL caught the hint. Tricialee also says, “Most of the popular colors like the Chanel’s “Blue Satin” for example were released as limited editions so people went wild for them.” Be aware of major retailers like American Apparel and Forever 21 who have recently launched nail polish lines. Save your buck and invest in what counts like your top and base coats.

WHAT’S NEXT: UV Gel Polish + Mixing + Nail Shapes

Tricialee reveals the future of long-lasting wearability is the new UV gel polish. Ladies, if your looking for the ultimate lasting manicure in pop colors, you want the acrylic and polish mix that UV gel nail color offers. Known as “crystal nails” or “calgel nails,” this technique costing about $40 “cures and bakes” the polish on the nail. Tricialee says this option can last for weeks and can only be removed by an in-salon treatment. According to Tricialee, “Nails will begin to outgrow the polish, but the polish lasts and lasts.”

The next big thing in nail fashion is mixing. Last spring, everyone from Necole Bitchie to Solange experimented with color mixing. It’s punctuating that pop color on the index or pinky fingers while using a muted color on the rest of the nails. In Spring-Summer 2010, we’re taking it to the next level with mixing  featuring a Minx design, matte color and the additions of materials on single fingers. How about this amazing nail trend spotlighted by Glamour magazine in September? The additions of materials like lace on nails is a fierce way to amplify any textured or print dress this spring. While matted colors alone are now a chipping drab, flip it with a matte and gloss french manicure a la Kim Kardashian! Kim’s black gloss tips on a matte finish was an explosive sighting last fall. Play with this look by using a pastel or a classic coral hue.

Say goodbye to those extreme square or rounded nails. Tricialee encourages a rounded square nail shape. Are long nails back? We see the revival of our mom’s long and rounded nails featured on Rihanna and other celebrity women. Commenting on the budding trend Tricialee says, “It’s not realistic. It may be great for editorial but not for real women.” Tricialee further states, “Women today are texting and typing more. Professional women look for functional glam on the go. Nail companies are striving to develop products adapting to women’s changing lifestyles.”

The Polish Bar Brooklyn has ongoing specials like the “2-week Manicure” and “Green Gals.” PBB also has a February promotion on Minx designs for $40!

To learn more about The Polish Bar Brooklyn and Tricialee Riley check out polishbarbrooklyn.com. Follow them on Twitter at: twitter.com/polishbar_bklyn.

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