Remember the days of the Supermodel? When women with innate beauty and technique for the lens ruled the fashion pages.

Strut down a memory’s catwalk with this editorial circa 1994 featuring an airy Naomi. Photographed by Mario Testino for the now defunct French Glamour, Naomi is all smiles in Jill Sander, Chanel, Gaultier and even Paco! We miss this Naomi.

[Photo Credits: Fashion Gone Rogue]

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  • Tiffany W.

    I love vintage Naomi photos. However, what do you mean “We miss this Naomi”? ….a younger Naomi? By laws of nature, that’s impossibl√©. She still has the beauty, she still has the walk, she still has the mile long legs, and she still kills the game. Not much to miss.

    • Thanks for your comment Tiffany. We miss [this] Naomi is implied by the unguarded nature of her posture. This editorial illustrates a relaxed and carefree Naomi, altogether a positive representation of who the media now deems a “mean girl.” The implication also celebrates the heyday of the Supermodel.

      We both recognize and celebrate Naomi as one of the best. See this article: http://clutchmagonline.com/fashion/naomi-still-the-baaaadest/

      xo gt.

    • Tiffany W.

      Thanks for the clarity. :> Yay, Nay Nay!

  • didi

    Wow she looks just as good as she did when she was 24! Amazing!!

  • Cece

    She looks gorgeous & healthy, not just skin & bones like too many of today’s models.

  • I love these pics! Very fly!
    And I agree with Cece, there was something about the supermodels at that time that is lacking in alot of the girls nowadays. That healthy, glowing glamor. Naomi, Tyra, Cindy, they all had IT.
    I see it in Chanel Iman though, as a current example :))

  • I agree! Today’s “supermodels” don’t have the glamour, the va-va-voom, that they used to have. They are just recycled body hangers. They all look the same and are completely unmemorable. For them it’s more of a job than anything. So unexciting.