Vogue Italia launched Vogue Black and Vogue Curvy as supplemental web sites to focus on fashion, beauty, and news in the aforementioned factions. Through the successful experimentation of diversity in its 2008 and 2009 black issues, the magazine is hopeful that it can fill a void in the mainstream.

Vogue Black’s home page includes R&B singer Ciara for “Look of the Day” as well as media mogul Tyra Banks featured in a video interview. For Vogue Curvy, model Crystal Renn and actress America Ferrera satisfy those voluptuous wishes of women labeled plus-size, who rarely grace fashion pages.

Without a doubt, Vogue Italia featured black women more often than its American counterpart but its attempt at provoking change segregates the overlooked segments even more. Embracing diversity takes time –it also takes bravado, where people don’t have the choice of overlooking a tabbed link in oblivion.

When Vogue Italia’s homepage features some of the same articles that are posted on Black and Curvy, why would they need further segmentation?

To put it bluntly, size and race are the two elephants in everyone’s atelier that no one wants to admit they see. Talks of slavery, obesity, eating disorders, and classicism still make us uncomfortable and there’s no light trampling over that. Not even if your parent company is Condé Nast.

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