When it comes to the greatest female entertainers of our generation, there are a few names that come up. Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Rihanna (which I don’t understand why). However, with the Beyonce explosion coming and hitting us hard in the late 90’s and never stopping, most people automatically give her the crown. Does she deserve it? She is a hard working woman however, that is something I have to question because not too long ago there was another very popular R and B songstress who was always on people’s minds and hearts. Sadly, she passed away right as her legend status was beginning to be aflame. I am speaking of Aaliyah.

Similar to the age-old hip-hop discussion of would Jay-Z be where he is now had Tupac not have passed away. I am going to take it in the R&B route. Before everyone was being “Bootylicious” and loving the almighty “Besus” (Beyonce fanatics actually call her that. I’m not making this up). People were singing “Your Love Is One In A Million” and “Back And Forth” and later on “Dust Yourself Off And Try Again”.  Aaliyah was the “Queen B”. Similar to Beyonce she was an all around entertainer who could sing, dance, act (although I wouldn’t call what Beyonce does acting) and people were taking notice of her being the next big thing. She was beginning to be featured in major films and unlike Beyonce, was actually successful in conquering the lead role without boring the audience members with stale acting. She also gained popularity without resorting to using her sexuality as Beyonce often does. However, she did have a scandal where she was married to a grown a** man while she was still a teenager. So innocent and pure she was not either.

Beyonce, on the contrary, since her meteoric rise to fame has taken the whole superstar singer to a whole new level. She is in make-up ads, phone ads, movies, owns a clothing company and God knows what other projects she has her hands in. She is more than a singer. She is an icon for a generation some would say. She is also so popular that you could not escape her grasp if you tried. A task that not many other entertainers have done. Not to mention an African American one. That is a whole new accomplishment in itself. Some might also argue that Aaliyah never had a song that was as monumental as say Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” or “Crazy In Love”. Others might say that she was heading down that path and would undoubtedly had an iconic song for her generation had she been giving the chance.

So my question is, if Aaliyah were still alive, would she not be the one receiving the starring movie roles?

So my question is, if Aaliyah were still alive, would she not be the one receiving the starring movie roles? We can all agree that her acting was better than Beyonce. Would she be the one performing to sold out arenas? Like Beyonce, she could sing, and dance live as well without a slip in step. Would she not be a beauty icon for major make-up companies? She too was a very beautiful young woman and had inked modeling deals with popular clothing companies of the time such as Tommy Hilfiger. Aaliyah also had a strong team behind her, which consisted of Timbaland and Missy who helped to mold her sound. Just as Beyonce did with her Destiny’s Child roots and Papi Knowles. Would some of those Grammys Beyonce won recently been in the arms of Aaliyah?

I could go on and on with comparisons and such but I won’t. My question is: could Aaliyah have been the one to take Beyonce’s place in the limelight if she were still living?

What say you?

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  1. BlaqCurrant

    “Would Beyonce Be “Queen B” If Aaliyah Were Here?” YES, I am a fan of both lades, and as much as I am annoyed with seeing “Besus” all the damn time, I must say that Beyonce would still be where she is now if Aaliyah were still alive. Vocal ability definitely goes to Beyonce, Aaliyah was not that good a singer, she had no range, but what she did do , she did well, the whole sexy tomboy persona, the mystic that surrounded her, Timbaland & Missy are just what Aaliyah needed, without them I do not believe this “Would Beyonce Be…” topic would even be a topic. I don’t know how well Aaliyah’s cd’s sold before her death but my guess is only after her death was there a significant increase in the sale fo her cd’s, is it safe to say that Destiny Child (“Besus” was already being singled out as the stand out, who didn’t see that coming?) had the highest album sales thus far of any female group (I think), yes Aaliyah may have gotten bitten by the acting bug a little earlier but Romeo Must Die, Queen Of the Damned were by no means block buster hits, who knows, maybe if she were alive and was able to star in the Matrix sequels that might have all changed, maybe she would’ve starred in Carmen a Hip-Opera, The Fighting Temptations, Dream Girls, Cadillac Records……maybe?