Today is St. Patrick’s Day and most likely no matter where you work, there’s bound to be a celebration of some sort, whether you like it or not. Legend has it that it has something to do with Irish pride, although it seems to be strongly embraced by Euro-Americans of all persuasions. One can assume that St. Patrick’s Day has some sort of cultural significance but the overabundance of shamrocks, Leprechauns, pots of gold, corned beef & cabbage beer and all things green manages to over shadow it.

Ultimately, St. Patty’s Day appears to be more of an overall celebration of “White Pride” (not that there’s anything wrong with that – as Seinfeld would say) with the whole nation in support of green clad drunkards committing various acts of obnoxious behavior in the middle of a workweek. Amidst the green beer guzzling festivities are those who would prefer to simply just avoid the whole majority-inflicted holiday, particularly those trapped for 8 hours in an office filled with tacky St. Patrick’s Day party favors and faded co-workers making unfamiliar cultural references while rockin’ Leprechaun shoes and green wigs. Taking the day off may not be an option, but there are ways you can get through the rest of the afternoon without making any unnecessary waves:

Headphones: This may not be an option for many, but if your place of work, and temporary Irish pub, allows for the use of them, they can provide you with the perfect distraction from all the foolery.

Take on a Big Project: Have you been procrastinating about re-organizing your workspace or file cabinet? If you want to get away from your obnoxious co-workers, this is a great opportunity to do so. You can avoid feeling like you’re rejecting the annoying bunch by actually doing work on St. Patrick’s Day, after all, that is why you’re there.

Call/IM Your Friends: Birds of a feather flick together so if you’re not keen on the holiday, most likely neither are your friends. Many of them may be a captive audience to Irish overload and would appreciate the distraction. While the population at your work gets tore up, you can take pleasure in a conversation of a good friend, boyfriend, relative or whomever you choose to help you “get away.”

Take An Extra Long Lunch or Leave Work Early: Desperate times may call for desperate measures if you’re surrounded by straight St. Patty’s Day fiends. If their festivities are so boisterous that they prevent you from actually being able to hear yourself think, then you may as well steal away. Chances are they’d be too wasted to notice your absence.

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  • Are you serious? St Patrick’s Day=white pride? When did that happen?

  • Fleur

    This article is way off base. I love St. Patrick’s Day. I live and New York, and this is pretty much one of the best holidays of the year in the city. And I’ve never experienced this notion of “white pride”. In fact, I’ve always found that the Irish are happy to see everyone taking part in their celebration, including me, obviously not Irish nor white.
    I think this is a borderline racist article. People would be up in arms if an article was written about avoiding a holiday with African-American roots.

    • Me27

      I agree with Fleur. This article is a bit racist and way off base.

      The reason why this ethnic holiday managed to become mainstream is because they have found a way to make everyone of all races feel included in the celebration.

  • Ed

    Not everyone shares your opinion. I for one hate the way it’s forced upon me every year and I do find it to be obnoxious and annoying. Just this past St. Patrick’s Day an inappropriate remark was made about me and my Indian colleague upon leaving the workplace regarding the lack of his (our) Irish heritage. Other cultural “holidays” don’t permeate the mainstream like St. Pat’s day either. So if you are offended this article or some people’s dislike of the holiday, imagine how some folks feel who have to put up with it every year.

  • sweethumblepie

    I for one IGNORE St. Pat’s day! I do it unconsciously b/c it is not relevant in my life. I know it ocmes around becuase ppl get all worked up liek a week before it arrives but when it came around Wed. I met a friend for drinks at the local Applebees and it was crowded with other black folk that prob didn’t care just as much as I didn’t. IOronically, the luck O’ the Irish were celebrating less than a mile away because it is a “mixed” area. I prob have some type of Irish roots, but I have enough of a lot of other roots not to really care either way, so as of right now, ignorance is bliss for me. =)