From BlackVoices.com — She came to the White House as a FOO (Friend of Obama) of the highest rank, with a fine New Orleans pedigree and a reputation for high style.

But after a White House dinner gone wrong, she became a punching bag for critics of the Obama administration who labeled her as the face of incompentent political cronyism.

Now embattled White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, criticized for her role in the state dinner party fiasco in November, is resigning her administration post.

Rogers, a New Orleans native and personal friend of First Lady Michelle Obama, came to the White House to oversee social events at the White House.

Rogers, however, came under severe criticism, after party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi visited the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on November 24th. The Salahis didn’t have invitations to the dinner, and the episode brought in to question White House security operations.

For a time, members of Congress sought to force Rogers testimony on the chain of events that brought the Salahis to the White House for the state dinner. White House officials, however, rebuffed those overtures even though a representative of the Secret Service was permitted to testify.

If Rogers had nothing to hide, why would the White House fight to keep her from testifying?

That question made the rounds among Washington power brokers and sealed Rogers fate.

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  • She is very talented but it always looked like she was seeking out the limelight for herself. That rubbed people the wrong way, not a big deal really but if she was busy getting her ego stroked as the life of the party that cause those knuckle heads to slip in unnoticed then she had a real FUBAR moment.

  • ceecee

    She gave “hook ups” a bad name. She has great style though.

  • This is too bad. People make mistakes all of the time, look at all of the mistakes George W. made. But Desiree should have to resign over this mess? Please.

  • cherish

    Who really needs to be reprimanded for this white house dinner debacle was the security guards, because if they really cared about their job they would’ve had taken extreme measures to protect obama.