Elizabeth Hasselbeck is mad. Should we be surprised? After the historic Health Care reform bill passed, the ladies of “The View” discussed the news on Monday in usual form during the show’s “Hot Topics.” Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg had to calm Elizabeth, asking her to breathe. When Whoopi brought up the disrespectful oppositional rants occurring during the proceedings, like yelling and spitting, Elizabeth decided to bring up alleged “bribery and bullying” claiming that several elected officials were shut out.

Elizabeth goes on to suggest that the majority of Americans didn’t want Health Care reform this way, referring to the structure of the legislation. Sherri Shepherd interrupted asking, “I don’t know who they’re talking to. A lot of people wanted Health Care reform who couldn’t get insurance.”

You may say, ‘who really cares what Hasselbeck thinks?’ But how many angry Americans does she represent? There are millions of Americans who live below the poverty line or recently unemployed who will now have reasonable access to health coverage because of this victory. Why are people really mad?

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