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  • I like it. I think that shes being her. I’m not really sure if 106 & Park is her audience though.

  • Nic

    love it! i would def rock this outfit myself. all the way fab! erykah always kills it!

  • Yoshi3329

    Is it me or does it seem her glasses are “melting” If so, that’s so cool! I want a pair!

    Erykah Badu looks like and regal urban prep! She definitely has “swag!”

  • Crystal

    I love it. It’s definitely E. Badu!!!! Once again she is an example to do you and if no one else likes it then oh well, (but that is what makes folks dig her!!!). Also, I just noticed the glasses are melting, that is awesome, I would rock a pair and that is saying a lot since I do not like wearing glasses of any kind, on account of having had to wear them since I was 5, I like my face free, but for those specs I will make an exception.

  • to run out the house i would actually wear it….. minus the hat