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  • Nicole Miles

    The world needs more of women like her.

  • Cool, I digg it.

  • im sorry as a fan i say this with love. wrong place wrong time for badu to that. hell if wanted to strip nude i a video to reach whatever her point is….
    i don’t care pick a place isolated and have video actor (posed as people watching her.)in other find other way to do a risky video like ERYKAH!!!!!!!!……IM MEAN REALLY…. that was the wrong area to do that kind of thing and you have more sense than that, despite some of the crazy shit you did in your videos back in the day.

    • Q-B-A

      Video was NOT shot on a set. It was done in one take, one camera, no crew, no permit in Downtown Dallas. Dealy Plaza to be exact (where JFK was assasinated). Yes she did strip down and I think along w/ the underlying messages it was a piece of art. Risk taker, go getter and more. Done and done!

  • Akai

    Wasn’t India Arie complaining that, next, somebody would get naked while down-talking BeyGaga’s Telephone video not too long ago?

    Anyway, to have given birth to 3 children, Badu’s body is beautiful and impressive and I’m always pumped to see other females who also keep their bodies tight and healthy. I enjoyed Badu’s first CD, though I didn’t care for much after that, and see this as little more than a “look at me” publicity stunt to hype her new joint.

    I’ve absolutely no problem with nudity and enjoy looking at males and females with beautiful bodies. However, Badu broke the law and did not show respect for the feelings/sensibilities of parents who may not have wanted their children to see her naked.

    I do suspect that some of those applauding this Window Seat video as some profound, deep and artistic piece are probably haters that would’ve criticized and verbally skewered Beyoncé as a ‘p*ssy popping ho’ had she done the same thing and took it all off for the cameras.

    I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY agree with Badu’s commentary about group think, though, as it’s a stupid bully tactic, does no good and solves no problems. It happens on various cyber-boards as well as daily life when childish adherents to group think attempt to verbally attack or ridicule non-adherents and independent thinkers.