Nothing is more transparent, trifling, and quite possibly a guilty pleasure than two grown men acting like a couple of petty high school kids with a microphone. Most of you may be aware of the on-air “beef” between Sirius Satellite Radio’s Jamie Foxx & Howard Stern. Quite frankly, it’s so pathetic that it’s actually somewhat amusing.

Recently Jamie Foxx and crew ripped into Howard Stern & Robin Quivers regarding their criticism of the Foxxhole Crew, Gabourey Sidibe and Oprah Winfrey. The lambasting included accusing Quivers of being a “house negro,” clowning her history of sexual abuse, and stating that Stern is washed up.

True to his limited, bitter nature, Stern replies with threats and an accusation that Mr. Foxx is a homosexual.

Howard may have actually caught some feelings behind Jamie’s rant, being so compelled to “expose” him as such. At any rate, we can expect some sort of well-crafted reply from Foxx in the very near future. And while Foxx & crew managed to get in a few decent jokes, they’d do best to wrap up this manufactured duel with the quickness, before things start to get really ugly – either that or dull as hell.

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