Here we go again! We were critical of Louis Vuitton’s so-called, “ghetto fab mash up” during Spring 2010 Paris Fashion Week. Misdirected cultural references of the iconic afro continues over at Dazed & Confused. In their February issue, the magazine covers the Vuitton collection referring to the wigged models as “frizzy haired travelers.” The “hippie movement” is championed, completely ignoring the significance of this hairstyle during a little something called the Black Power movement. Misappropriations of Black cultural aesthetics is nothing new. I mean, at least give credit where it due.

Do you find these images problematic? Speak on it!

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  • A problem with a white woman in a afro….no…..wondering why they couldnt just find a black model to do it…..yup.

    I can understand if black women were extinct but there seems to be plenty running around.

    Im more concerned about who is getting paid off black people, cause I doubt there giving back.

  • hahaha funny how people are getting so serious over hair, I didn’t know white people wore afros back in the day, ha!

    I don’t think it’s nothing wrong with the model wearing an afro

  • hehe

    uuhhhmm, we(people of African decent) don’t hold a monopoly on kinky, tightly curled hair that would naturally form a fro if left to its own devices. i have seen plenty of apparently “white” individuals with no obvious African ancestry with natural tightly curled and fro-ish hair. i know plenty of “whites” who straighten their hair on a daily basis to hide their kinks!!! if they were globetrotting, a blow-out would not be an option, and a full blown fro would ensue. therefore i am not offended and don’t care about “white” models with fro.. we complain about the fashion industry portraying a only certain aesthetic as beautiful, but when they display something else, we complain even still. why didn’t they use a black model because women of Jewish, Italian,geek,Persian, north African, Portuguese, Spaniard, and multi-ethnic ancestry also have this type of hair. they are also effected by fashion’s one sided portrayal of beauty. personally, seeing that Mark Jacobs had sent huge fros down the run way made me smile, i know when my husband and i are done with college and a travelling the globe, i will have no option but to rock a full-blown fro, which by that time will be the size of said afros feature on the Vuitton runway!!!