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  • Maureen

    The outfit is fab! But the verdict is still out on the hair.

    • I have to agree… th outfit looks HOT! But am not to sure on the hair…

  • Mona

    She definately isn’t 20 anything. She looks about 32-34. She’s very plain and uninteresting to me. Cute woman, but not in any stand out way.

  • hmmmm….

    I think Keri’s outfit, makeup, and hair = HOT….

    • SexiLexi

      she looks short in the outfit for some reason

  • Fab, fab, fab!!! Love the look from head to toe…

  • Keri looks great but she doesn’t leave an impression because she hasn’t locked on a certain vibe/look. She dresses like Rihanna, sings like Ciara and Ashanti, yet wants to be as big as Beyonce. I listened to her album when it was first released and the sound was all over the place and tried too hard to be “good.” But I wish her the best because confidence is key to surviving this industry.