A lot of us have “splurge” items; things that no matter how tight it gets we just have to get. For me its toilet paper, sheets and fragrance. If it’s between these items and my gas bill being late I am going to have to call the gas company. But I know there are some more fiscal responsible beauty junkies out there that insist on getting a good price on everything. So in the spirit of inclusion I have started the Splurge vs. Steal Beauty feature that spotlights an amazing higher end product and an equally amazing lower end version. This week Splurge vs. Steal cast its spotlight on fragrance. The good thing about high-end fragrance is that a spritz at the store is always free. Getting a sample of toilet paper isn’t that easy.


Balenciaga Eau de Parfum ($70, balenciaga.com or neimanmarcus.com) This Parfum is all you expect it to be and more. It manages to be both modern and classic. It is a luxurious fragrance that is complex and refined. It delicately mixes the green fresh scent of the Chypre Violet into the exciting scent of pure woods. Your left with an intricate fragrance that is sure to entice all who come in contact with it. It comes in an innovative bottle that highlights just how different this fragrance is. Balenciaga Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that stands out from everything else out in all the best ways.


U by Ungaro Fever for Her ($34, avon.com) This beautiful fragrance is a mix of sensuality and sophistication. One scent and you want to know about it. U by Ungaro Fever makes a bold, feminine statement that captures the essence of Ungaro fashion and puts it into a bottle. It’s a Chypre Floral fragrance that exudes pure sophistication in a fusion of smoldering woods and feminine florals. The fragrance drapes over like a well made dress It comes packaged in a feminine silhouette with bold colored etched folds that only help to prove that quality doesn’t have to be expensive.

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