When it comes to cultural common sense, some folks are painfully slow on the uptake. Take the vast majority of Americans for example (just joking)… Today’s instance of the racial/cultural impairment comes right out of the pages of the US Census. The racial identifier option “Negro” to be exact.

With the way so many African Americans folks freely throw the classic derogatory version of that word around, it may surprise some that there are actually a great deal of us who are offended by the Census’ use of such a word.

Yes. There are certain Americans who are interested in stepping into the future, leaving antiquated terms like negro, colored, quadroon, octaroon (or whatever) in the history books where they belong.

Lo and behold, the Census Bureau may be finally ready to make the move too – for the year 2020. Director Robert Groves recently declared on C-Span: “First of all, let me apologize to you on behalf of all my colleagues. The intent of every word on the race and ethnicity questions is to be as inclusive as possible so that all of us could see a word here that rings a bell for us … it was not to be offensive, and again, I apologize on that. My speculation is that in 2020 that word will disappear and there are gonna be other words that are gonna change.”

Wow. Speculation. Such a decisive word. Perhaps they’ll upgrade to ‘Nigga’, as to ring a bell for the burgeoning modern urban set.

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