Detroit’s former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in hot seat again. According to Black Voices, a judge ordered Kilpatrick’s wife and father to answer questions in a civil lawsuit related to slain stripper, Strawberry who performed at a party at the mayoral mansion in 2002.

The family of Strawberry, whose birth name is Tamara Greene claims Kilpatrick stifled a probe in to the Green’s death in 2003.

Now the infamous myth of Kilpatrick’s involvement in Greene’s death becomes forever immortalized on wax. A Detroit rapper, The Virus along with his executive producer, Jerome Almon penned “Strawberry Letter 313/If I Did It.” The song relies on conspiracy theories claiming Kilpatrick liked Greene and later organized a plot to make her disappear.

The song samples The Brothers Johnson’s “Strawberry 23”, a popular song produced by Quincy Jones in 1977. Almon reveals Universal Records and Jones green lighted a remake of the song. With a creative license in hand, the artists plan to shoot a music video in front of Detroit’s City Council Building, the Mayoral Mansion and at local bars.

The Virus and Almon plan to bring their version of the truth out stating that Kilpatrick took his “Hip Hop Mayor” title too far and became gangster.

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