Raving reviews of Darcy’s Botanicals can be found everywhere from hair care forums, blogs, YouTube and Facebook. Straight and natural hair wearers alike, all agree that Darcy’s Botanicals are ranked amongst the best handmade natural products you can find on the Internet. You can also read star-rated product reviews on the company website – www.darcysbotanicals.com – as you browse through delectable the products. Lysandra, the creator of Darcy’s Botanicals shared with Clutch her natural journey, inspiration for creating her hair and body products and natural hair advice.

I began my natural hair journey over seven years ago when my daughter was born. I was inspired by my sister’s beautiful hair and other online naturals. I began spending countless hours doing online research on ways to care for and maintain natural hair. I had to learn how to correctly detangle, cleanse, condition, and handle my hair.

I also wanted to learn for my daughter’s sake so that I could keep her hair healthy without using harsh ingredients or chemicals for maintenance. Thanks to the many online forums like Nappturality, NaturallyCurly and LongHairCareForum for the wealth of knowledge, support and tips; many of these lovely naturals provided very generous information and tips for how to manage naturally curly hair.

Inspiration Behind Darcy’s Botanicals
Darcy’s Botanicals is a family-owned company that is named after my precious little pea, Darcy. My hobby turned passion was born out of my desire to live a more natural lifestyle and the need to learn how to take care of our natural coils (properly) without the use of chemicals. I was also motivated by my sister’s beautiful coils to create products that would help to nourish and enhance natural/curly hair.

I spent most of my time mixing up butters and creams known to nourish, protect, soften and moisturize curls. I also spent lots of time researching natural ingredients and finding regimens that would work with and not against our coils.

I have been mixing, creating, and studying natural and organic ingredients for over eight years now. I absolutely love, love, love what I do:) I hope that by providing natural, organic, and naturally derived products for naturals, curlies, loc wearers and multi-ethnic curls that work, it will make it much easier for us to choose to love and embrace our natural hair.

Lysandra’s advice for those contemplating wearing their hair natural:

  • Surround yourself with others like you who are also choosing to wear their hair natural. This will give you the much needed encouragement and motivation you will need to move forward.
  • Visit as many natural hair care sites as possible so you can take advantage of the knowledge of others who have been there. Also try to visit as many online forums as possible. Forum communities provide for an excellent support system that will help you stay on track. You will also learn very valuable tips and tricks to help you care for your natural hair. Many sites now allow you to view and post pictures of your hair journey so you can share your successes with others. Take advantage of the ones that allow you to keep a journal of your hair progress.
  • Read as many books and magazines as you can find. Natural hair care is becoming far more popular because people have now educated themselves on how to care for their hair properly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various hairstyle options available to you. You will be experimenting with new styles and looks to help compliment your new lifestyle.

Choosing to be natural can be daunting at first. You’ll find that many of your fears and doubts will stem from your lack of knowledge on how to properly care for natural hair. Just be patient and willing to learn from others.

For those new to Darcy’s Botanicals, Lysandra suggests that hair type 4’s start out with the ever so popular Madagascar Vanilla Styling Crème; and, type 2’s and 3’s start out with Peach Kernel Milk or Daily Leave-In Conditioner. “These are our most popular selling products. Many of our customers love our Juicy Peach, Sweet Cream and Pina Colada scents,” she added.

Future Plans of Darcy’s Botanicals
Our goal is expand and open more retail shops with our own kitchen for preparing and manufacturing our products for our customers. We want to continue to provide the best quality products and best customer service to all of our wonderful customers.

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