Man-meat connoisseurs please take note: Condomania has released the results of an extensive study that reveals which US regions average the biggest – and smallest penises. You may be surprised by some of the cities housing the fellas with the plumpest sausages. Although Nawlin’s (#1) and DC (#2) may not raise any eyebrows, Phoenix (#5) and Portland (#6) certainly are a random revelation.

Just in case you find yourself skeptical about the results, get a load of what Condomania’s Directory of Technology, Chris Filkins, has to say about the study, which involved the measurements of over 27,000 hard-ons:

“Unlike other studies in which participants were measuring their penis size solely for the sake of recording a measurement, and were perhaps more likely to exaggerate. Our database is comprised of men looking for the best fit condom for safety and comfort, and thus, we believe, apt to be more accurate. The customer satisfaction surveys we received overwhelmingly indicated that men of all sizes, but particularly those on either end of the size spectrum, benefited immensely from a properly fitting condom.”

Condomania ought to know. After all, they’ve been making TheyFit Condoms since 2004. TheyFit’s are pioneers in tailored-fitted rubbers, made in 76 sizes and ranging in length from 3 to 10 inches. The custom-fit condoms have been sold to over 27,000 men in 70 countries served as vital source for the penile database.

The findings are as followed:

20 Cities In the Order of Big D*ck Appearance

1. New Orleans
2. Washington DC
3. San Diego
4. New York City
5. Phoenix
6. Portland
7. Atlanta
8. San Francisco
9. Chicago
10. St. Louis
11. Seattle
12. Miami
13. Indianapolis
14. Columbus
15. Boston
16. Denver
17. Los Angeles
18. Detroit
19. Philadelphia
20. Dallas/Ft. Worth

Additional Hot, Hard Facts

Top Ranking State by Average Penis Size: New Hampshire

Lowest Ranking State by Average Penis Size: Wyoming

Top Ranking U.S. City by Average Penis Size: New Orleans

Second Highest Ranking City (just behind N.O.): Washington, D.C.

Lowest Ranking City by Average Penis Size: Dallas/Ft. Worth

Blue States vs Red States: Blue States’ Average Penis Size is Bigger!

Penises Come in a Wide Range of Sizes: The Smallest Penises are Less Than 3″ in Length and the Largest Penises are Longer Than 10″ in Length

Penis Sizes Chart Almost a Perfect Bell Curve: 25% of the Male

Population is Under 5″ in Length, 50% are Between 5″ and 6″ in Length and 25% are Longer than 6″ in Length

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