Article from The Grio — For the second time in less than a year, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault.

This time, a 20-year-old student at Georgia College & State University accused Roethlisberger of assaulting her in the bathroom at Capital City nightclub early Friday morning in Milledgeville, Ga. Roethlisberger has hired attorney Ed Garland, who represented Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis during his murder case in 2000 and rapper T.I. on federal weapon charges, who claims the 28-year-old 2-time Super Bowl champion is innocent.

Last July, Andrea McNulty filed a civil suit against Roethlisberger stemming from an incident during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif. Prosecutors didn’t file any criminal charges and the Nevada Supreme Court is still deciding where the case should be tried.

Roethlisberger, a white athlete, is innocent until proven guilty, but for black athletes, rapper Jay-Z said it best: Guilty until proven innocent.

Too often black stars on the level of Roethlisberger aren’t given the benefit of the doubt by the media, fans and the leagues when they run into their own legal troubles.

ESPN completely ignored Roethlisberger’s civil lawsuit as it never happened but it covered a similar lawsuit charged against Los Angeles Lakers guard Shannon Brown during last year’s NBA Playoffs.

In the case of quarterback Michael Vick, who was indeed guilty of a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge, he’s still being haunted by his actions after serving 18 months in federal prison.

There are several NFL teams that are in need of a quarterback who won’t take a chance on Vick based on his 2007 conviction. You couldn’t find one general manager that wouldn’t trade for Roethlisberger if he were available.

Could you imagine the reaction if this were Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who it seems like he’s criticized for the way he puts on his helmet, instead of Roethlisberger?

And we won’t even get started with the reaction around Tiger Woods and his transgressions, which is not against the law the last I checked. The one thing you can say about Woods is all of his alleged affairs were consensual in nature.

Roger Goodell has spent the majority of his three-and-a-half years as NFL commissioner cleaning up the league’s image, dropping the hammer on players who found themselves in trouble with the law. After Goodell suspended cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones for the entire season and the late Chris Henry for eight games in 2007 for multiple arrests, the commissioner released a statement saying, “We must protect the integrity of the NFL. The highest standards of conduct must be met by everyone in the NFL because it is a privilege to represent the NFL, not a right. These players, and all members of our league, have to make the right choices and decisions in their conduct on a consistent basis.”

Even if Roethlisberger is cleared of all charges, he has damaged the integrity of the NFL and Goodell should act accordingly. The NFL front office has to be cringing at the fact that a two-time Super Bowl champion and the face of the league’s most historic franchise is a household name of the audience.

How many chances is Roethlisberger entitled to because of his skin color? Nobody wants to say the “r-word” in the politically correct world we live in today, but who are we kidding – race is a factor.

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  • Of coooooouuuuurse he wont get the Mike Vick treatment, he should of got it when the first allegation came up. Not a word from the media especially the lynch mob that is called ESPN, before it was certain Vick was going to trial he was ran through the fire and if I am not mistaken suspended by the league.

  • Of course not.

    Did the tabloids focus on John Mayer’s blabbing about Jennifer Aniston & Jessica Simpson rather than his bigoted comments?

    Meanwhile Michael Vick, Kayne West, etc–regardless of their personal issues on right vs wrong–are pilloried and demonized.

    It’s all about viewing black men as naturally aggressive, rapacious, unruly, and disrespectful. Even though I am on the side of Browne Sanders regarding her run-ins with Isaiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden, his case was dragged through the press in a way white athletes’ misogyny never were and never will be. Even if they beat a girl to death, it won’t be seen as the behavioral traits history has pinned as “biological” in African-Americans.

  • Joe Graher

    You people are a bunch of ignorant idiots. Vick committed serious crime and got lucky getting the short time he got.

    Get over yourselves. We have a black pres. for god sake. And of course you will moderate this comment…

    • Damn…where was I when the rights of dogs trumped that of females?


  • christine20003

    Joe Graher: No, YOU get over yourself. Since when isn’t sexual assault not a serious crime? The last I heard it was illegal and so serious of a crime that they need sex offender registries for repeat offenders, which this guy seems to be. And Obama became president, not every Black person in America. The problem with some idiots is that they think that one Black person represents every Black person. This is one reason we’re constantly battling BS stereotypes, because lazy, cowardly idiots like yourselves are too lazy to take the time to discover that we are diverse people, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. There are even sub-cultures within the African American community. Obama’s making president doesn’t resolve the issue for every one, no more than Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton, and all the White presidents before resolved and spoke to the issues of all White American men. Get a clue and some common sense!

  • No team wants Vick right now because he’s washed up and wasn’t nearly as good as people thought BEFORE he went to prison. If Vick showed last year that he was still capable of the forward pass and of running around defenses, some team would snatch him up in a second regardless of his skin color.

    He was also formally charged with a Federal crime AND lied to Goodell when he was questioned about it earlier. It had nothing to do with his skin color.

    Finally, women have more rights than dogs, which is why Roethlisberger would likely be suspended at least 4 games if he were charged with electrocuting unfit women to death.

    • Last I checked this article was about if Ben “the groper” Roethlisberger would get the same treatment after being accused of SEXUAL ASSAULT (X2), versus the treatment Vick got for DOG FIGHTING, prior to going to trial.

      And since I have yet to see a protest march or the boot from Roger “Good Ole Boy” Goodell, the answer would be NO.

      As for your “professional” opinion on Vick’s career, since the Eagles decided to pick up his contract and since teams have shown an interest in trading for him I would think (as would anyone with half a brain) that he still has a future in the league.

      Apparently the teams have failed to consult you for football expertise.