Apple’s iPad launches tomorrow on April 3rd. A total of 240, 000 pre-orders are reported and people have already made plans to camp outside of Apple stores to get their hands on the latest technological invention. One New Yorker, Greg Packer is the first line sitter. Greg has been camping outside of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store for the past 3 days. Considering that Apple is no longer accepting more pre-orders until April 12th, we hope that Greg comes out a lucky man.

Black Web 2.0 covers the iPad frenzy and the media’s usual underestimated populous. Clutch offers you 10 reasons to get the Apple iPad (you don’t have to camp outside like Greg). Let’s show em’ that we’re techies too!

1. Save Cash
The iPad starts at $499. This beats trying to buy another MacBook to keep up with the Apple race or any other laptop costing over a thousand dollars. Plus, you get 16GB of space on a WiFi model. Can’t beat it!

2. Longer Battery Life
Of course Apple is claiming an awesome battery life. We all know the battery life on the iPhone running 3G sucks. Apple is promising 10 hours of iPad battery life while surfing the web, playing music and pretty much whatever else you wanna do.

3. Fashionably Portable
Let’s face it, the Apple brand is hot and everyone wants to be associated with it. Ever notice how Apple products magically appear in all the major films (say hello to product placement)? Can’t you just see Carrie Bradshaw in next month’s Sex and the City 2 typing away her next column on the new and sleek iPad? For travel and convenience, the iPad is the seemingly the fab way to go.

4. Kindle, Who?
Several tech news sources are predicting that the iPad will send the Kindle running out of the business. Not only is the iPad likely to run longer, you can get a full-color display, quality images and text plus do loads of other stuff while reading. And we’re hyped for those amazing page turning capabilities.

5. Newspapers & Magazines
We’re elated to announce that Clutch Magazine has an iPad application in development! You can also expect to read everything from The New York Times to Glamour Magazine on train rides to and from the city.

6. Handle Your Biz
Face it, sometimes it’s a little hectic trying to read and create documents on a smart phone. iPad makes it simple with revamped applications like iWork, Pages and Keynote. Develop that slide show presentation and review quarterly company statistics on PDF documents. Oh and did we tell you each Apple application is only $9.99?

7. Click Click!
You can take and view photos on an iPad. It even offers a stylish way to show off your portfolio to agents and prospective employers for you aspiring photographers and graphic designers.

8. Go BIG
There are a lot of Apple critics suggesting that the iPad is simply an extended iPhone/iPod Touch remix. And well, it’s kinda true. The cool thing about the iPad is that there is a larger display with sustaining portability. Your able to surf the web, watch movies and YouTube videos in a larger landscape. Yes you guessed it, on the coveted go! *smile*

9. Accessories Galore!
There are loads of cutesy accessories for the iPad. Expect to pimp out your iPad with colorful print cases. There are also stands, a physical keyboard, camera adapters and stereo docks for that summer house party your planning.

10. For the App Obsessed
For you app store fanatics, expect to feed your obsession with Apple’s iPad. Reportedly there are 140, 000 new applications with more to come. From the new games, lifestyle applications and Twitter/Facebook functionality, we’re predicting an iPad takeover.

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