Celebrity biographer, Kitty Kelley strikes her exploitative pen at Oprah. Taken from a series of off the record witness accounts, bitter former associates and over analyzed interviews, Kelley’s new biography on the talk show queen is a joke. Although Kelly claims people will become inspired, excerpts published in USA Today reveals otherwise. Among the book’s scandalous accounts, it exposes an interracial affair where the man allegedly walks out on Oprah in the middle of the night, questions Oprah’s molestation, claims her rise to the top is due to “diva behavior” and eludes Oprah bribed her staff to make financial contributions to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The book unquestionably harps on the speculative romantic relationship between Oprah and best friend Gayle King, drawing from a few quotes implying Oprah is homosexual.

On the potentially more hurtful details, Kelley offers manipulative accounts on Oprah’s supposed estrange relationship with her parents. Suggesting Oprah’s mother Vernita Lee doesn’t have her daughter’s number and her stepfather Vernon Winfrey is ashamed of her. In the book’s foreword, Kelley explains that although Oprah didn’t cooperate with the project, she became the book’s largest source of information. Kelley says, “Oprah draws on 25 years’ worth of newspaper, magazine, television and radio interviews, all of which have been broken down by names, dates and topics for a total of 2,732 files. From this resource I was able to use Oprah’s own words with surety.” The New York Times reveals the book’s closing acknowledgments changed the number of files to 2,932. “Surety” not so much. It’s safe to say, Kitty Kelley’s biography won’t be apart of the ‘O Book Club.’

The slanderous book is a testament of an old Biggie adage, “more money, more problems.” At the end of the day, Oprah has shown resilience and faith in her sustaining brand. Transitioning into the next phase in her career, the 56-year-old media legend will undoubtedly keep it moving with her supporters in tow.


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