After previously brushing off rumors that her family was urging her to do so, Whitney Houston finally acquiesced, canceling 4 of her upcoming concert – one in Paris and 3 in the UK.

The 46-year-old songstress has been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection upon admission to a Paris hospital, after suffering from nose and throat problems. News sources report, “Upon medical advice, Whitney has been advised that she cannot perform to allow her time to recover.”

Since the debut of her album “I Look to You” in 2009, Houston’s weak health condition has had a deleterious impact on her comeback tour. Following a series of dreary performances, including her most recent show in Australia, it appears that the diva’s career, as well as health, is on the rocks. Australians and Whitney Houston fans worldwide are beginning to wonder if they are experiencing a labored comeback, or the bitter end of a legendary pop career.

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